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The thought of having an identity for yourself is quite perplexing at times! The thought of renewing that identity in different forms as time progresses brings about a nice refreshing change to the mind. Over the last 15 years, my interest over the internet has been completely captivating to say the least. This web journey started off in 1996 with humble ways of getting small time entrepreneurs in India on the world wide web (1)

In the quest for a youngster’s rather silly hopes of reaching dizzy heights using the net, a rather skewed attempt was made in 1998 to jump onto the internet bandwagon with the highly rated Tripod and Yahoo web services during those times. (2) When enlightenment occurred, the lure of the “yourname.com” syndrome caught me as well. But I never wanted my site to be too specific to me ever! So in the period between 2000 and 2002 a valiant but fruitless effort was made to put up a site meant to share my interests with others, the theme being “information sharing” (3)

To get onto the net more purposefully, a rather comprehensive plan was laid out in 2004 for a knowledge sharing site. But the need for conciseness and better focus brought about a change in names for reading the same content. (4) After a thorough run for ten whole years, and the purpose and design clarified, I bring about another refreshing change with a more pleasing layout which I think will keep the drive in me for the coming years. (5)

Just when I thought I had fixed on the gameplan for continuing the journey forward, I realized that people also needed something easy to remember to reach me, something connected to the city I write about, something that made them fond of Bangalore and thus came about the Bengaluru blog! (6)

Somewhere after being in this realm for a while more, I further realized that the website was not easily remembered by many who visited it. I knew the local delicacies of Karnataka, not many people did. I needed an identity which would further simplify the blog to the point of associating the city it was based out of, and have a name that normal people with layman’s thought process could pronounce, write, and remember. It was not an easy choice but I took the plunge and the blog went about a skin and name change yet again. (7)

…. that this site looks and feels pleasant and refreshing to the eyes

…. that this site is as lively in terms of information as its looks

…. and that it is always updated with interesting things to get you back here

For any queries that you might have, you may use the contacts link on the menu above to get in touch.

(1) – http://hallmark.enmail.com was my first attempt in bringing about an insurance company’s presence onto the internet. At a time when web publishing and development was still nascent and there were hardly any standards for pages on the web, this effort brought about a lot of cheer to me to proceed onto better things. Although a rather graphics intensive site, Hallmark succeeded in providing the necessary information in a crisp manner to customers

(2) – http://srikanth.tripod.com was an attempt in bringing about my own presence onto the net. This site lasted only a while, since it was only an effort to learn the nuances of web publishing in those early times.

(3) – http://www.infodais.com literally meant a stage for information sharing. But a terrible time in my life wrecked the patience out of me to continue with this venture and all this site did was to prepare a stage for a moderate growth ahead, both in my web ventures as well as in my personal life.

(4) – what started off as a site that was to voice opinions from the geek community, the site http://geekopinion.com was transformed into a personal page full of my own scribbles, http://scribbles.ws. At the time of putting up this content, the site and domains still exist with the content, and has managed to draw over 3500 unique visitors for some or the other reason.

(5) – After a bit of pondering about myself, I realized that the amount of information I had amassed for one whole decade was possible only because of my time spent with the different gizmos that I had – the PC, the PDA, the laptop, the SmartPhone. I had by now acquired an identity – the GizmoGazer. And this site is a reflection of that identity –http://www.gizmogazer.info.

(6) – The final output of all the previous years worth of efforts is what I thought it would be for the rest of my life – the actual site that has survived, flourished and gone through years of efforts to be refined enough and accepted as a popular Bangalore based website – the Bengaluru blog – http://www.chowchowbath.com! But change was the only constant.

(7) – The blog as you see it now is a blogger based site, with the same interesting articles that you have come to read and like, just in a better version than before and with a simpler name – the Bangalore blog – http://www.thebangaloreblog.com


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