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Places to see around Kodaikanal - a quick recce

In my last post I discussed about the Kodai Resort Hotel and the benefits it offers being in the middle of Kodai. If you are interested to know more about that click the link. During my stay in Kodaikanal as part of my Madurai-Rameswaram-Kodai trip, I also got a chance to view the most important tourist attractions in and around Kodai. We had a Toyota Innova which I had hired from Madurai, which we continued to use around Kodai. If you rather wish to read about the Kodai International Hotel, click here.

The majestic Kodaikanal Lake

As you would expect, the Kodai town and the lake itself was created by the British folks during the 19th century. The Kodai lake is a star shaped man made catchment area which holds all the rainfall the area receives. Its outflow of excess water forms the silver cascade waterfall 8km downstream.

The lake has lots of eateries around it, and offers activities like cycling, walking, jogging, etc. You could just sit by the lake and have a hot cup of tea with a samosa or sandwich just enjoying the panoramic views of the lake. Or even better if you want to be in the thick of the action, you can get into a boat and enjoy the real water level view of the lake and its amazing surroundings (you would be surprised how many trees dot the lake boundary) which look surreal while the boating activity is in progress.

During summers the lake offers rather cool environs, but during winters the lake can get pretty cold downwards of 8 deg C. So clothe yourself appropriately. I already warned you. A boating sessions lasts nearly half hour and you can pay and get more if that is what you love to do. Trust me the boat ride is well worth it and it will leave you with memories to cherish.

Coaker's Walk

The coaker's walk is a mountain edge walking track very near to the Kodai Resort Hotel and about a half to one km walk from the lake itself. While entering the walk, it seems like a normal park, but as you start walking you get to see some stunning views of the valley beyond. Whatever the weather, you cannot miss this walk.

There are lots of people offering toys, hot corn, tea or coffee, cut mangoes, cucumbers and the likes. You also get warm winter clothing if you want to buy some there, so also hats, scarfs and so on. Think of it as an experience and splurge a bit, you will not be disappointed. This is not very long, but whatever bit it offers is still unique to the surroundings. You also have a telescope point at the end of the walk which gives you stunning views of the surroundings at a pittance of a cost.

The walk starts at club road and ends at St.Mary's road. It is about 1km and useful to go through when you just want a stroll and nothing else.

Kodaikanal Pine Forests

The Kodai Pine forests sport shola, pine and eucalyptus trees and provide a thicket of woods that are unique for the tourists. You can walk through the pine forests and it presents some great photo ops for budding photographers.

Guna Caves

What was once a beautiful walk to some really deep caves of mesmerising beauty have now been relegated to behind the iron bars view of the distant caves. After the movie Guna was shot there in 1992 the caves became famous which brought along with the fame, dirty tracks and youngsters losing their lives there. Due to this the government now has banned people from reaching upto the caves. The only view you can get is from a tower which is the last point of access to see the caves below.

If you want to check out some photos of these caves in details, look here. This place is also called devil's kitchen.  The good part of areas around Kodai is that the access fee is very reasonable enabling many tourists to enjoy the good parts without burning a hole in your pockets.

Moir Point

This is yet another view point from which the beautiful valleys surrounding Kodai are visible.

Pillar rocks

Further on, we come to a location from where the Pillar rocks (mountainous peaks) are visible. This place is a good photo op location with an astounding backdrop and if you are lucky with misty mountains behind you. Many tourists stop here to grab a good view of the mountainous peaks beyond and that all important selfie as a memento to frame and keep.

Upper lake view

Towards the beginning of all the attractions around Kodai, you can make a brief stop over at the upper lake view, which gives a panoramic view of the Kodai lake in the background although very far away. The real extent of the greenery surrounding the place is visible from this point and its good to get a pic or two with your family from here for cherishing the memories later.


The Bryant park and the Chettiar park are must see parks in Kodaikanal. However these could be a bit steep for elders to down all the way and come back up again to the entrances. Please ensure your car is waiting for you on the other side downhill to save yourself some trouble to come up all over again. Since these are hilly regions, most parks tend to start off somewhere uphill and move downhill with the road going around them.

Other attractions

The Bear Shola falls, Silver Cascade falls, solar observatory, the many parks, and temples around, including the Palani viewpoint provide ample opportunities for a day out if you are not bored of the ones mentioned above already. Its impossible to fit all of this one one single post, and I will write again sometime when I visit the rest of these attractions.


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