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The Desert Safari Quad Bike (Buggy) Experience, Dubai - Sun, Sand, & Fun + Do’s and Dont’s during the trip

General informationAny country is well known for its traditional attractions and Dubai is no exception. Being a desert country what better way is it to enjoy Dubai than a visit to the desert. Authentic experiences of sand, sun, camels, dance and some fun! The desert safari camp is about 89km from Dubai international airport and can vary slightly based on where you start from on your itinerary.
This is a post noon desert tour experience so if you wish to allocate time, find a day when you can get up late, have a late lunch and be ready to leave for this trip. There are lots of travel agents who organize special vehicles for this trip for you, so it should not be difficult for you to find one by looking on the internet.
Since you will be dune bashing, this needs a sophisticated car/SUV to handle that kind of terrain. Typical tours are undertaken with Toyota land cruiser Prado 4x4 SUVs. I did see some Fortuners and was even fortunate to have got a Hummer myself
Buggy Rides
The Safari ride ha…