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Bengaluru’s metro corridors - trying to understand them - green line

There was much fanfare over the launch of the green line for Namma Metro, which was considered an important milestone for Bengaluru. There were lots of things which were positive about this development.

Much of the underground work was completed and functionalThe critical link between Jayanagar and Malleswaram sides were fixedThe distance covered by the metro was now longer and much more viableMore importantly South Bangalore was connected to the West and to East
The map from WikiPedia is worth looking at. It shows the exact extent of coverage of the Metro within the city with the Green and Purple lines (image source: By Doc.aneesh - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, the east to west Bangalore covers about 18km of distance, that of South to North covers about 24km of distance. In absolute numbers this is relatively decent but the real extent is seen in the benefits for the passengers.
Important areas are now more accessible such as the …

Honda WRV first impressions and drive review

Introduction to Honda WRV
I had the chance to give my Civic for service at Dakshin Honda. During that time, I got a chance to look at the Honda WRV and drive the car. From a long time after reading many reviews and watching many videos, today I got a chance to drive the car personally. I opted for the Diesel version since I know a good deal about Honda's petrol engines already being an owner of a Civic and a City earlier. The diesel engine is something new since sometime now and it was prudential for me to try it out.
Engine Options and Variants As usual the car comes with two engine options a 1.2L petrol and a 1.5L diesel. The petrol is a 4 cylinder SOHC iVTEC engine at 1200 cc, churning out 90bhp of power at 6000 RPM and 110NM of Toruqe at 4800 RPM. The diesel on the other hand is a 4 cylinder DOHC iDTEC unit, at 1500 cc, churning out a 100bhp at 3600 RPM, and a torque of 200NM at 1750 RPM which is very healthy at least on paper. Among other features it comes with 16 inch alloy w…

Sony XAV AX-100 6.4” Media Receiver (Car Stereo / Head Unit) review

Its rarely that I have ever written about car stereos under this blog, but now I have reason enough to do so. I recently had the need to upgrade my car stereo in my Old new honda Civic 2010. The last two times I went in for a Pioneer and a Blaupunkt head unit for two of my cars. For those days that was enough but then came the craze of Android Auto and Apple Car play. Besides this there were systems of an alternative kind – Screen mirroring type. Personally I prefer the former for a solid reason – Android Auto or Apple car play gives you only the essential apps (Phone, Music, Maps, and Messages including Whatsapp to be read out) so that you can focus on your driving more than fiddling with your phone.
But then in India buying gadgets such as head units for cars could turn out pretty expensive and only few can afford it. Personally I believe if you can afford a good smartphone, you can afford a good head unit for your car as well. Having said that, lets get straight down to the product …

Details of Ford Edge showcased in LA auto show

Ford showcased its latest Edge SUV featuring 2.7 L ecoboost engine in LA auto show last year. This would be the 2017 model for the USA. This should have been the next level of EcoSport for Indian market as well hovering around the 16-20L margin. One may expect Ford to launch this model if the need arises. The Edge comes with a bold exterior design, with all leather seats, ambient lighting in the underwell, an array of wheel choices from 18-21", sun roof. In terms of technology the car comes loaded with sensors around the vehicle to make passengers aware of what is nearby while driving. The Ford Sync software goes upto 3.0 version which has the same goodness of the older voice based technologies, but also includes suggestions of what's nearby etc for the driver. System assisted active park assist is a much needed feature. 180 degree front camera, sirius satellite radio, adaptive steering which adjusts to the way driver drives, and cross lane assist are some additional feature…

Why Confident Dental Care is on its path to being the best dental clinic in Bengaluru

(image credit: confident dental)If you have been to a dentist in your life - which most us would have - you will know what your mind will get worried about : the pain when the doctor attends to your teeth. And in all fairness, why not? After all teeth are sensitive areas which when handled roughly will cause a lot of pain.My quest in life was always to find at least one dental clinic which provided me with a decent experience. The last few times it was about taking out tooth or just dental cleaning. But I suddenly realized that I had caries - or cavities that were beginning to grow. I had to address it pretty soon and hence had to find a clinic to go to. Dental AdviceBefore I get any further with the actual topic a few things about teeth, and doctors attending to teeth and teeth productsTeeth need to be cleaned every six months at the minimum and one year at the maximumThis is about the time it takes for plaque to accumulateBrushing teeth is not helpful for removing plaque – but if do…