Published August 22, 2016 by Srikanth Eswaran

A tribute to Na.Muthukumar - Unakkule Mirugam

There is no one who suits a villian role in a movie as much as that of a hero than our very own Ajith (Thala). There are many movies made in Malaysia these days, and it becomes an instant magnet for me since it brings me back my old memories of staying there a decade ago. The latest entrant into that list is Kabali. Absolutely awesome choreography and choice of final fight scene locations. Bang next to the Petronas with a zoom out on the menara Telekom.

Flashback to an older movie Billa which was shot in KL and other locations around which I thoroughly enjoyed due to the sheer style quotient of Ajith. Sometimes he even beats Rajini in style and attitude including dressing. Billa 2 was the sequel and when you hear and understand the song Unakkulley Mirugam, you also feel the power packed punch in terms of lyrics delivered by Na.Muthukumar in this song.

I felt the need to translate this song for all you folks who do not understand tamil, and the next time I suggest you put on the headphones and listen to this when you are feeling low and life gives you lemons from all sides, and I bet it will lift your spirits to feel great and make you the achiever you always dreamt to be. Of course not all ways suggested by the song are right ways. But remember we are talking about life giving you lemons situation. So the lemonade thus made suits this situation alone :-)

Unakkulae Mirugam, Thoongivida Ninaikum..
The animal within you, will think of sleeping

Ezhunthu Athu Nadanthaal, Erimalaigal Vedikkum..
But if it is woken up and starts walking, volcanoes will erupt

Kanavugalai Unarvaai Kaetu Athu Thudikkum..
It will ask you your dreams as its food, and will not rest until you give it those

Unnai Athu Vizhungi, Unthan Kaiyil Kodukkum
It will swallow you, and put yourself in your hands

Erikaamal Thaenadai Kidaikaathu
Without burning the bee hives, you will not get the honeycomb

Uthaikaamal Panthu Athu Ezhumabaathu
Without kicking the ball, it will not rise

Vali Athuthaan Uyirpiyaikum
Pain is the one that gets you a life

Ithuvarai Iyarkaiyin Vithi Ithuthan
Till now this is the law of nature

Naragam Athil Neeyum Vaazhnthal
In hell if you live

Mirugam Ena Maara Vendum
An animal you too will turn into

Bali Koduthu Bayamuduthu
Give a sacrifice and scare

Veta Veta Thalai Nimirthu
Hold your head up no matter how much it is severed

Ulagamathu Urundai Illai
The world is not round

Nizhal Ullagil Vadivam Illai
In a world of shadows, there is no shape

Ilakanathai Nee Udaithu Thati Thati Adai Nimirthu..
Break the identity (symmetry or form) and straighten it by sculpting it

Ingu Nanban Yaarum Illayae
There is no one called ‘Friend’ here

Èthirkum Pagaivan Yaarum Illayae
There is no one called ‘Enemy’ here

Ini Neethan Unaku Nanbane
You are your your friend

Èndrum Neethan Unaku Pagaivane
You are your own enemy always

Vali Athu Thaan Uyirpiyaikum Ithuvarai Iyarkaiyin Vithi Ithuthan
Pain is the one that gets you a life, Till now this is the law of nature

Muthal Adiyil Nadunga Vendum
The first blow must cause a shiver

Maru Adiyil Adanga Vendum
The next one must silence

Meendu Vanthaal Meendum Adi Marubadi Marana Adi
And if it comes back, hit again with the next one being a death blow

Adikadi Nee Iraka Vendum
You must die often

Marubadiyum Piraka Vendum
And be born again

Urakathilum Vizhithiru Nee Iruvizhi Thiranthabadi..
Even in sleep, you must sleep with both eyes open

Ini Neethan Unaku Thølaiyae
Now you are your own torture

Èndrum Neethan Unaku Èllayae
Always you are your own boundary

Nee Thøtaal Kizhikum Mullayae
The thorn that tears you on touching it

Valigal Irunthum Valikavillayae
Its painless even when you are in pain

Vali Athu Thaan Uyirpiyaikum Ithuvarai Iyarkaiyin Vithi Ithuthan
Pain is the one that gets you a life, Till now this is the law of nature

Na.Muthukumar is a genius lyricist and this song alone proves that point. He has got the flair of Vairamuthu who is the star of tamil lyrics and speech. It is sad that Na.Muthukumar is no more. But I will always remember him for this song.

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Published August 13, 2016 by Srikanth Eswaran

Review of the Astoria Business Hotel Stay, Madurai

This was a long pending post from my side and I finally found some time to write on this topic. I had a chance to plan a trip to Dhanushkodi and got the opportunity to stay at Astoria Hotel in Madurai for a day. This is a business hotel and I needed a stay only for a day so I chose the hotel.

A few notable things about this hotel are the following

  • Its walkable from the railway station as long as you don’t have too much luggage
  • Its preferred to take an auto from the station if you have kids
  • It is situated somewhat nearby to the Meenakshi Temple in Madurai which is easily reachable by auto within 10 minutes

The front facade of the hotel is one vertical block which mostly present the corridor end windows and the conference room windows on the top floor. There is no access to the terrace as such for visitors.

The entry lounge is good with ample light and seating. This hotel offers 24 hours checkin and checkout with prebooking via multiple travel portals or directly via calling the hotel. I paid nearly about Rs.5000/- per day which is on the steeper side and includes breakfast along with the room. The rooms themselves were well appointed, but were kind of small. Since its a business hotel, the type of travellers mostly expected are the ones who stay in the hotel for about a day and move on to other places near madurai for their business needs.

To this extent the rooms offer the comfort necessary from the relentless heat of Madurai. Thankfully I landed there at a time when Madurai received some rainfall the previous day so the city had cooled down a bit from temperatures of over 38 deg C.

The rooms have thick and large curtains shielding all the harsh light coming in, have a study table with a suitable chair, and a small coffee table with a lounge chair. The beds themselves are a bit soft and springy, the types which you can sink into, though my personal preferences would tend towards slightly harder beds which are not known to aggevate back problems.

The television set is mounted on the wall and the wall also has shelves that hold the glasses and coffee maker. The bathroom is well appointed though the shower is not movable enough making it spray all the water all over the room. It could have been designed better though it does the job for a business traveller. The bath has dispensable soap machines which is the trend nowadays and in my opinion, I prefer this over hundreds of small soap cakes being produced that go a waste on daily basis.

These days hotels have reached a situation wherein you can also say whether or not you want the towels washed or not in order to save water and effort and I highly value this mode of working as it conserves resources.

The cafeteria was good and well appointed in terms of furniture. The breakfast was expensive on the second day, but on the first day it was complementary. I did use the room service once or twice and found it to be good. The people attending to you at the hotel are quick and respond pretty soon to your requests which is what a traveller looks for.

The food itself was good with lots of variety ranging from indian, western, veg and non veg options and was tasty too.

The Astoria Hotel has a view to die for and you can see the Madurai Meenakshi temple very well during the clear nights in the city. The central location, accessibility to Railway station and reasonably close from the airport (~ 10-12km) and a decent variety of rooms, food make this place a business friendly hotel.

If I go again to Madurai, I will stay in Astoria and would recommend this hotel to others too.

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