Published May 12, 2016 by Srikanth Eswaran

How to open a bank account like a pro in 90 seconds and sip a free coffee after that?- A DUMMIES GUIDE

Install DBS app on your phone, and open it
Enjoy the new tagline for banking - live more, bank less
Stare at awe at the self glorifying message by DBS bank Singapore
Learn about the new virtual debit card for shopping online

Sell your phone number and email id

Punch that keypad 6 times with your own superhero code sent to you

Choose your a username that glorifies you and put that all important top secret password not once but twice

Instant karma - your device is registered with the bank, and …..

your e-wallet is created - freedom from fucking OTPs forever

Open a digisavings account

Punch your till-now-you-thought-was-useless Aadhar number ….
and your PAN number .
A little about what you do ….

and how do you get your money …..

and whether you want ground floor service or premium first floor lounge service

respectful questions on people who gave birth to you and who your money should go to in case you kick the bucket after pressing sign up button.

and in case they want to reach your wife whether you are dead or alive ….

Get set to dress up and leave your house to Cafe Coffee Day

Walk in like a pro and across coffee sipping gossip mongers to do your biometrics
Enable the future on your phone - touch ID, goodbye to passwords

Complete your verification, request a physical debit card and while it is despatched to arrive at your address, sip that free coffee like a pro.

oh and just in case you thought you need to go to the bank to activate that card, nope your phone will do that too.

LIVE MORE - BANK LESS : GET A LIFE - all in 90 seconds !