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Why I may not stay in Daiwik Hotels, Rameswaram again

The travel industry is at all time peak since few decades now, and hotels are doing everything possible to ensure their customers have a pleasant experience while they stay with them.
I had a grand plan for a Rameswaram trip, covering other places along and off the route. My interest was stoked when I wanted to know and in person experience the historic Pamban bridge. Consdering I had read about Autocar’s Mercedes GLS 4x4 review driven in Dhanushkodi, and the kind of scenicness the place offered, Rameswaram and Dhanushkodi got listed as my top priority for this year’s travel.

This post is not really about what these places have to offer, but consider APJ Abdul Kalam was born in Dhanushkodi, consider that Pamban railway bridge is one of the more difficult bridges to have been built and being maintained, and the fact that Dhanushkodi is now a ghost town, after the cyclone that devastated it five decades ago – all these reasons made me to want to see these places.

Add to the fact that t…

A day out with the Honda BRV

The Honda BRV reviews are all over the place by now. Many channels like the CarDekho, AutoPortal, CarWale, AutoCar also went to Japan to check out the BRV first hand when it was launched. As a potential buyer more than a reviewer I had to wait my turn until the car reached the showrooms. And it did sooner than later. Took my kid along after having a chat whether the BRV was indeed available for a test drive. It was only the manual petrol though which I had to make do with, but atleast something was available.
Sure enough as I entered the showroom, the BRV was parked under decorative arches since it was the newest entrant into the Honda family in India. After having bitter memories about the Mobilio last time where I even said why I may not end up buying it, I did not have much of expectation on the BRV. After having seen many reviews which went on screaming the fact that it resembled the mobilio my spirits were further dampened. When you go with zero expectation nothing can potential…

How to open a bank account like a pro in 90 seconds and sip a free coffee after that?- A DUMMIES GUIDE

Install DBS app on your phone, and open it Enjoy the new tagline for banking - live more, bank less Stare at awe at the self glorifying message by DBS bank Singapore Learn about the new virtual debit card for shopping online
Sell your phone number and email id
Punch that keypad 6 times with your own superhero code sent to you
Choose your a username that glorifies you and put that all important top secret password not once but twice
Instant karma - your device is registered with the bank, and …..
your e-wallet is created - freedom from fucking OTPs forever
Open a digisavings account
Punch your till-now-you-thought-was-useless Aadhar number …. and your PAN number . A little about what you do ….
and how do you get your money …..
and whether you want ground floor service or premium first floor lounge service
respectful questions on people who gave birth to you and who your money should go to in case you kick the bucket after pressing sign up button.
and in case they want to reach your wi…

The Lenovo ZeeUK (ZUK) Z1 launch story

Being part of a launch event by FoneArena and Lenovo, us bloggers were one of the first few to lay our hands on Lenovo’s newest phone and brand launch - the ZUK Z1.

The event was hosted at multiple cities in India by a collaboration between FoneArena and Lenovo and we could manage to attend the same in Bangalore. The event was to showcase Lenovo’s latest ZUK Z1 mobile phone.

Some of the key points about the brand and the phone are better explained to you by letting you know the history of where this all came from. Lenovo spun off its ZUK brand as a smaller entity giving the team empowerment to create the next grade of devices which had better innovations up their sleeve. Some of the key challenges they attempted to solve were:
how to ensure the hardware and software were made for each other and to complement each others’ capabilitieswhether the phones that saw the day through this brand could be as customizable and personal as possibleto showcase innovations that other brands did not h…