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Logitech M570 - the real Mighty Mouse (One year usage review)

Its been one year. The M570 from Logitech still exists. It still works with the same battery put in a year ago. And it has a story to tell. Of Endurance, of a good product design, and perhaps the way in which all products need to be created. Some things just work. And they slog it out with you, being with you through your toughest times in life, hand in hand, shoulder by shoulder with a never say die attitude.
The M570 is one such mouse in case you are wondering, which I consider as the most important investment I made in my 15 years of industry life. The irony is that I made this investment only now and no earlier. The good news is that I at least made it now and no later. I must thank two of my colleagues who exposed me to this beauty of a product without which I would have never known how useful and game changing it could be in my life.
Coming to the specifics, this is a mouse that does not budge. Contrary to the mice we always knew and used, this one just wont move. The rubber pa…

Bose Sound link Color short review

I had the opportunity to get my hands on the Bose Sound Link Color bluetooth speaker. This happened when I was actually wanting to invest on the Harman Aura which in my opinion blew everything else away. But then these two speakers are like comparing apples and oranges and should not be done. Nevertheless in this post I will speak briefly about the Bose.

As the name suggests this speaker comes in different colors and the one I had was a red one for my test. The speaker itself is very portable and easy to handle. It might be slippery at times so its better to take care of it properly. The buttons on the top are neatly placed and are self explanatory. One of the things I liked was that there is a voice guide which says when the bluetooth is ready to pair, when its paired, to which phone its paired, etc. I always feel good when a voice prompt double confirms to me that I am doing things right.
Pairing is as easy as 1-2-3 on the iphone. Just power on speaker, power on bluetooth, find the…

Happy Diwali 2015

Happy Diwali to all readers of the Bangalore Blog

First impressions of the Mahindra TUV 300

Ever since I have been car pooling with my boss with his new Scorpio we’ve had some interesting discussions on how Mahindra and Mahindra have tackled the automotive industry with their slew of new vehicles and makeovers. Firstly the XUV was launched to a rather awestruck audience, next the Scorpio was give a makeover it sorely deserved, then the XUV was rehashed a bit again into a bolder looking vehicle, and then the Scorpio automatic was also launched. When we just thought that the dust had settled, now this - the TUV 300 (three double oo)
From a long time I have always been wondering how M&M vehicles have increased the costing of their vehicles without launch of any substantially new in the models out there. But then deep inside, they have been working hard to upgrade the current models with either higher quality of steering and dashboard materials, or gimmicks like the hybrid mode, rain sensing wipers, quality of seats, tiretronics, cubby spaces designs, toughened materials on…

My mobile ownership journey

On a holiday me and my wife started discussing about whether I need to dump my iPhone 6+ and go for that new shiny Samsung Note 5 which was just launched, or perhaps the 6s, or the upcoming nexus phones. This is when my wife asked me whether I have kept a tab on how many phones I had purchased all my life. Well, I remembered and here is the list :-)

Early 2000 : Motorola CD928
This Motorola was an awesome beauty way back in year 2000. It was a fashion to flip out the keypad, the large LCD text screen and the gorgeous antenna. Costing almost Rs.10000/- way back this was a status symbol to possess. Added to that the only mobile network at that time was JT Mobiles (which is now our famour Airtel) Not to mention outgoing calls were Rs.7 a minute and incoming was Rs.3 a minute. People still wondered whether as a college passout into industry I was mad to buy this expensive a phone, but the stares it got satisfied the ownership.
2002 : Nokia 3300
Nokia’s evolution from 3100 turned out to be …

Mahindra TUV 300 Launched today

Mahindra has launched the TUV 300 today finally in the indian market. As expected its a low cost mini SUV, expecting to cost between 8 lac to 11 lac in Bangalore market. It has a 1.5k CC 3 cylinder engine pumping about close to 85 bhp with 230Nm of torque. The torque figures are close to swift diesel engines, and the bhp figures are close to most 88 bhp cars with 1.5kcc engine such as nissan, renault, maruti, etc.
What is however to be noted is the engine is a 3 cylinder as opposed to many other cars which give a 4 cylinder engine at same price. The car itself comes with whats needed including safety such as ABS, EBD and airbags, but the music system seems compromised. It would have been good if mahindra included their tiretronics and some other features from the scorpio which would have set their sales charts on fire. 
The boxy looks are not to everyones tastes, but for those who like it, it seems like it will be a sturdy vehicle without a doubt. Its rugge…

Why the Park Chennai does not cut it when it comes to 5 Star hotels in Chennai

I had an opportunity to stay in the Park hotel, Chennai for business reasons. Most people needing to travel to Chennai to the US embassy prefer this hotel due to location. Also its a 5 star hotel. I did the booking on on a fairly well known travel website. It was painless to book and the hotel clarified whatever information was needed when they were called. First the traffic around the place is horrendous. Gemini Flyover sure has seen generations in chennai and the traffic around this place makes it impossible to cross the road unless one uses the subway. If you think people will behave the same way as other cities when it comes to driving skills, be warned - this city wont wait for you to cross. If you value your life, be safe.Now to the hotel itself. Given my very brief stay, I did not get to experience the restaurants, pool and other areas towards the terrace. The building is rather old and it is beginning to show at many places. The rooms were comfortable, and had mostl…

The Hyundai Creta first look

Today I got a chance to visit the Hyundai Showroom to take a look at the Creta, their newly launched mini SUV. As you would already be knowing by now this big fella is making headlines all over India as the latest on the block to demolish all other SUVs on the market (which includes Ford Ecosport, Duster, Scorpio, XUV and also the not yet launched S-Cross from Maruti). Will the Creta have enough under its belt to take away the throne from the others? Looks? Performance? Comfort? Space? Read on.There was no big fanfare about the Creta and as I entered the showroom, there it was in full glory in Cherry Red colour. I have been reading all about Creta in the last one month and I must tell you that I share the same opinion as the others when it comes to looks. No amount of photographs will be enough to explain the real perspective of a human mind unless you look at the car in person. The design is brilliant. Initially I thought that the grill in the front would jut out just too much to make …