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Why Clique from Henge docks is a perect companion for your iMac wireless keypad and trackpad

This was a long pending quick review of the Clique dock from [Henge Docks]( To put in simple manner, this is a dock to hold the Apple wireless keyboard and the Apple wireless trackpad (both amazingly created and crafted accessories) together in one horizontal plane.

Selling for about 25$ (within usa, plus shipping for international) this was a nifty addition for my aging iMac. So i ordered the same and when the package arrived, it looked stunning. There were instructions all over the place and the packaging was looking excellent. Like all USA products, extensive packaging, one would like to put it!

The package contained the henge dock within a layer of packaging foam which looked nice and soft. Once I removed the dock my expectations were grossly undermet. What I expected was a hard aluminium or titanium matte finished dock surface and I was completely astounded to see that it was made of a more thinner, flexible material.

While one can understand this dock has to hold the keyboard and trackpad under some pressure to keep it slotted in place, still the expectation out of such a body frame was definitely not met as far as I am concerned. I felt for the first time that anything I bought in the USA was made of cheap quality and below par of what is done in that country as a design practice.

That said, it does the job of keeping the accessories in place and provides one lengthy surface which makes typing a little more predictable. The Apple keyboard is known to be a keyboard on which one can type really really fast, and this dock adds to that pleasure.

For those of you wondering whether we will mistakenly put our hand on the trackpad while typing, be rest assured that such a thing does not happen. Also you can see that nifty little power button which switches on that keypad by nudging it to the right.

So in summary, if this were a ten dollar item for the quality provided, I'd have been overjoyed, but for one and half times more, I hope Henge docks is able to provide the same sturdy material that apple uses for its hardware.

They can also learn from [other manufacturers]( about how to produce [complimentary looking hardware]( !
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Flipkart's mobile app bar code scanner review

I got a chance to test out the flipkart mobile app bar code reader today. This feature works in a simple manner, choose bar code reader, and it uses your camera to read bar codes from objects that you are interested in.

As long as the barcode is a universal barcode as per what is used across the country, and further that item is available in flipkart, it uses the scan results to divert users directly to that product page where you can purchase the same product easily from the online store.

So if you are at your friend’s home and you see a product you are interested in, you can do a quick bar code scan check using flipkart mobile app to see if the same product is available at their store.

Check out the video below to know more.

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Get ready to welcome the new Honda Mobilio MUV

Honda is about to launch its MUV the Mobilio. Well known for its new design, ample space, good petrol and diesel engine and an automatic variant with two rows of airconditioning and ample storage spaces, this vehicle is going to sell like hot cakes when it comes out to the market in a month or two.

The mobilio will compete against Ertiga, Ecosport, Duster, and XUV 500 all good in their own right, and also having good amount of booking wait times now.

Meanwhile it is interesting to see the Mobilio in its most clear form in the real world through this indonesian marketing video. The video is not in english, but still its worth watching to see what the company will launch in india. Most things such as warranties, versions and features would match what is being sold in Indonesia, so this is pretty much the version India will see.

Take a look and enjoy

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Flipkart announces Flipkart First - a priority customer support service on subscription model

Flipkart surely has many more things up its sleeve. Notwithstanding the assault mounted on this company by Amazon, Infibeam, Shopclues, Snapdeal and the rest of the online sites, Flipkart has taken the war to a totally new level - and its called **[Flipkart First](!**

Its basically akin to a preferred customer concept where upon a yearly subscription you are given more preference over the others to make you satisfied for the impulsive shopper you are. Notable things you will receive as a subscriber to this juggernaut are free shipping, free in one day guarantee, priority over others, and a whopping 60 day replacement guarantee over the current 30 days. Whether or not it applies to all sellers is something not made clear yet. But in the history of Indian online shopping, this is perhaps the first time that someone is going to be able to get a 60 day replacement guarantee. I do wish it was a refund or replacement, instead of just replacement, but then we live in India :-) and this is good for a start.

Although not specific, they are promising more benefits shortly and its not really clear what more.

Coming to the most important factor, its not also clear what is the price for this kind of subscription model. Flipkart will announce that shortly. What would you be willing to pay for this? Let us know via the comments section. As for my opinion, a price of about Rs.1000 to Rs.2000/- will be optimal. One has to wait and see for the end result.

Online Shopping got more happier, and merrier especially when someone showers with you special attention. Enjoy your shopping!
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Flipkart introduces buying clothing that you can try at home

How many times had you had to travel on a hot afternoon to the mall with your family for that clothing purchase? And those unimagniable number of people at the clothing section, and the ever full trial rooms brimming with clothes and people?

Add to it crying and cranky kids, who are also hungry, and a situation where you are not getting the right fit of clothes?
That should be enough for you to call it a day for shopping wouldn't it ?

As though someone heard your cries for help for a better shopping experience, Flipkart has come up with the try before you buy offer for clothes. You can shop only by calling a phone number and mentioning the style code of the dress you saw online. Without changing style code, you can opt for two sizes other than the one you chose, so you have three sets to choose from. once you confirm your order, Flipkart will visit your house with the products, and you get 20 minutes to decide whether you like your order. If you do, you can pay cash on delivery. if you dont you can simply call flipkart and cancel the order.

The best part of this is buying things at the comfort of your home like everything flipkart, plus trying out the clothes at the comfort of your home as well. This is a big boon for people like me who hate mall culture and who doesnt want to spend a whole day in a trial room of a mall wasting my time on purchasing something which is not worth all that time spent.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try before you buy.
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