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The battle of the oats Part 2 - Britannia vs Quaker Oats

After reviewing the [Saffola and Horlicks oats earlier](, I wanted to review Britannia and Quaker in this post.

I did have a Britannia and Quaker oats packet the former of Strawberry flavour and the latter of Raisin and Kishmish flavour.

The original I intended to review was Strawberry and Lemony veggie mix but I realized thats not a correct comparison. Furthermore, I had received a free pack of Britannia Oats which was well past its due date of 6 months from date of manufacture (in this case April 2012) - so I didnt want to get food poisoned. Just to give it a fair chance, I also checked for a new pack at the store - but no store stocked Brittania anymore. Also a search for Britannia Strawberry oats shows up images for Quaker and Horlicks which shows where Britannia is in terms of sales figures or popularity perhaps.


The battle of the Oats! Part one: Horlicks vs Saffola

Today I'm here to let you know a little bit about Oats (or oat grains) which we consume in plenty these days. The history of Oats dates back to 2000 B.C (ok, so that's enough of believeable history behind it). Oats not only provide energy but also have all the essential nutrients that the body needs as specified below


What is interesting about Oats is that it can make different type of meals today including idlis, oat grain cereal, with milk, upma, and the likes. Only your imagination is left to where you can go with oats based meal preparations.

Some of the essential benefits of oats include:

* Lower cholestrol levels
* Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease
* Prevention of heart failure
* Cardiovascular benefits for postmenopausal women
* Enhance immune response to infection
* Stabilize blood sugar
* Substantial lowering of type - 2 diabetes
* Protection from Breast cancer
* Childhood asthma prevention

My first trip to Tiruvannamalai

I had to check out, analyze and provide my opinion to my dad on the project called Viviza Grande by [Shrisha Infra]( It was a clear Sunday morning and due to my inability to wake up too early, I could only get out of Bangalore by 8:30am. Still due to almost negligible traffic, I was able to quickly hit the elevated tollway, and exit Karnataka peacefully.

For those to whom this route is home ground, you can only sympathize with me the feeling when you enter Hosur - this town kind of drags you down in terms of speed so you lose some time getting out towards Shoolagiri so much so that we had to make that customary stopover by Shri Krishna Inn, which is famous for its piping hot idlis and dosas which are quickly served. Not to forget to mention the filter kaapi :)

After that customary stopover we headed and reached Krishnagiri in no time due to great roads. The trauma started after we took that right turn to Tiruvannamalai road. Before I go forward, let's look …

Premium Kulfi review

So guys, I had a chance to visit Tiruvannamalai for the first time in my life in 35 years (wonder why I never had the opportunity to go there so far). We ate at the Chola restaurant, which is where the Karnataka Volvo buses to that place stop over for lunch.

It's here that the menu had ice creams and/or kulfi. Since I noticed that it was not a brand that I knew, the restaurant staff suggested that I eat one since it was supposedly good in taste. The product itself was shipped to different places from Chennai.

I bought one and had it to my heart's content. It costs about Rs.85 which is quite highly priced for a kulfi product. There are other cheaper ones like the ones from Amul for example (the pista variety) or even our very own Adigas. It is best before 18 months from the date of manufacture for obvious reasons (assuming its stored at -18 deg C). Also since its a milk based products, there were no surprises in the ingridients found - Milk, sugar, and all the nuts you can think …

Juspure coconut water review

So I happened to go shopping as usual to my favorite haunt "Multiplex" in HSR Layout, and this time felt like picking up some tender coconut juice. Now I know what you would tell me upfront

> if you want tender coconut go buy one directly on the street

Obviously it is no doubt the most healthiest, but then the idea here is to review products in the market. So let me go on.

This product is called **Juspure coconut water** and is made by *Zydus Wellness Inc*. I kind of feel these names are so funny - Wellness Inc! It says the coconut water is made from the freshest coconut available.

A glance at the ingridients reveal that there are allowed preservatives, and coconut water that is not processed in anyway. While I was happy that the ingridient list did not read **_sugar_**.

The question then remained only about the actual taste of this product. The opinions can be really subjective. But I must say here that the product tastes ridiculous! You may ask how do I judge so, but you ne…