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Nissan Sunny dCI diesel XL 15000+ km review

The pros of Nissan Sunny  Extremely lightweight aiding an awesome mileage of 18kmpl under city traffic in BangaloreNifty features such as automatic climate controlBonnet release latch is accessible only on a slight lift of bonnet after open, something everyone else would not know!Follow me home headlamps are a feature on this car that is never advertisedThe maximum speed I could achieve is 162kmph, beyond that the car could not be pushed to its limits100-130kph is the sweet spot for cruisingEnormous rear and front space - and this is what the car is advertised for!Huge boot space - can take about 2 large sized trolley bags, one child seat, 3-4 small travel bags, basket, at least 10 covers full of material and more.Cruises efficiently with almost immediate pick up on demandOne of the best front seat arrangementson slower speeds there is sufficient ground clearance for a fully loaded carABS, airbags, child locks, electrical adjustible side mirrors, window roll down block, are all expecte…