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Why you must not vote for BJP again?

Agreed we have seen resort politics before but those were not for dissidence. Those were to give better opportunities to MLAs in some other party other than the ruling party. Also, its always a known fact in politics that one could always be looking for an opportunity to knock the ruling party down by hook or crook.

But seriously what is missing in Indian politics is the urge to argue ethically, conduct business professionally, and work towards reaching consensus on correct matters and agree to disagree on wrong matters. In the past 65 years we have still not cultivated the art of agreeing to disagree.

Having said that, Yeddy’s brand of politics is all amusing, irritating, annoying and frustrating in one go. I still remember the time he cried on TV to a young girl who said she was waiting to see BJP rule in karnataka. He felt so overwhelmed that people had given him a majority mandate and that he would immediately put to use his expertise he has had in RSS into building a better governe…