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Speculating on the prices of Apple products

Lets take a try at speculating what the new prices of old and new products from Apple would be so long as they dont open up their online store!

Apple Macbook air - starting from 60,000 upto 90,000 Rs.
Apple Mac mini - starting at 45,000 upto 70,000 Rs.
Apple thunderbold display - starting at 60,000 Rs. upwards
LION operating system - Around 5,000 Rs
Apple Macbook - might still be kept (50%) or removed totally (50%) as long as stocks last
Thunderbolt cables - around 5,000 Rs.
So what is your take? Let me know in the comments section of this post!

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Apple India Store goes down, prices of new products being updated

The Apple India online store has been temporarily brought down in order that Apple can update its prices for the new range of Mac minis, air’s and LION operating system. Yesterday, Apple launched their new products the significant of which was a processor refresh for Macbook Airs which now sport Intel’s famed core i5 and core i7 Sandy Bridge processors. They have also bumped up the RAM to 4GB, the storage is now a Solid State Drive upto 256GB, they also have a backlit keypad for better visibility during darker lighting conditions. Added to this they have now upgraded the OS in all offerings to LION which claims to have upto 250 new improvements over the previous Snow Leopard variety.The recent launches by Apple have better been described by Engadget and other leading tech websites. Apple also launched thunderbolt ports promising data transfer speeds of upto 10Gpbs on all their displays and macs. The LION OS has been extensively reviewed by Engadget and you can find that review here.Te…

Ezone goes into online sales mode

This had to happen someday. Kishore Biyani's E-Zone was on an expansion spree with many outlets in Bengaluru. The Rajajinagar one was the biggest of all and the Future Group started gobbling up many more properties to open an e-zone everywhere. But what he did not anticipate is the performance of other small time players with the weapon they had against him –  ONLINE SHOPPING!It is important to understand that when you open an physical store, it is going to cost you money. From the rentals to the employment you need to generate to keep the store going, and the miscellaneous bells and whistles like the parking space the footing of electricity bills and generator fuel and what not. Not to forget to mention the traffic jams generated due to your store, the physical store route is always the least profitable. When it came to electronic gadgets, distributors caught on to the fancy of opening their own stores a-la-ebay.The small time players dealt everything online and slowly grew big.…

KHB Suryanagar allotments phase 2 now announced

The government of karnataka has today announced the second phase of KHB Suryanagar site allotments. The advertisement is specifically for LIG and MIG houses of 550 square feet and 600 square feet respectively. These translate to roughly 30x40 and 30x50 homes. The number of LIG houses is 110 and the number of MIG houses is 68 that are still available. The payment terms are Rs. 4lacs for the LIG and 4.75 lacs for the MIG. The total value of LIG homes is Rs.16 lacs, and the MIG is Rs. 19 lacs.The following will be the conditions of the scheme:The application process is now openApplications which are not filled properly will be summarily disqualified without assigning reasonsThe rules of allotment will be as per stipulated standards of the housing boardIf you are from specific castes like SC/ST a certificate from tashildar is required to be provided along with the applicationIf you are from the army or other forces a certificate from the same office would have to be enclosed with the appl…