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Will the Charm called Yeddy last anymore?

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The recent supreme court judgement on the disqualification of rebel MLAs being null and void has not only given more teeth to the opposition parties that are already dissatisfied with the current government but has also given the rebel MLAs within BJP to press for a change in governance within the party.

This has now also become a plank for personal vendetta against each other between JDS, Congress, the Governor and the chief minister. Though Yeddy has consistently come out of all troubles and hardships he faced as chief minister, the latest salvo seems a bit complicated and long drawn affair. Given that corruption is highest in Karnataka one would expect a revolt from the people. But surprisingly even in the by polls just conducted and concluded, the BJP has again emerged victorious especially due to the operation LOTUS which has been its successful weapon ever since it formed the government.

The real problem with Yeddy is not about giving up his post and chair. Its really about keeping all the infighting away from breaking the party until it keeps its tenure.Though every CM would love his chair more than anything else, given the constant black magic incidents against Yeddy and his subsequent Mutt visits to annul these seems to be like its coming straight out of a movie clip. When every other state is aiming towards development, conducting business and attracting investments, Karnataka seems to be mired in controversy after controversy which weakens the progress towards efficient industrialization. This exactly then is the difference between Gujarat and Karnataka.

Armed with the SC verdict, the governor will now either kick out the speaker and the CM or go one step forward and also ask for a trust vote on the floor in order to bring down the entire government. Whichever way it is, its a blow to the people who elected the government forcing them to face another election on their face.

The credibility of JDS and Congress is another matter to talk about. Not that if the BJP goes down will he have an ultra effective government by Congress or the JDS. While the congress has no youth power and fresh ideas and still contains the same old wine being packaged in a new bottle each time, the JDS is still battling to have a proper identity. Once it says its development oriented, but still prevents infrastucture from being completed (read : NICE expressway), another time it says it supports minority, but we do still see many people disgruntled with the way the party is being handled.

So the big question is what happens to Yeddy this time? Will people go after his scalp and get it ? Should he step down and make way for someone more mature and strong to tackle opposition? The same opposition which has been time and again arguing about people's verdict? Or should he run back to the Mutt to get divine blessings that will keep the evil away?

If the government does come down will it mean we see another family party come up in Karnataka and loot its wealth all over again like TN?

My guess is as good as yours!


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