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KSRTC Volvo introduces new Airavat buses !

KSRTC has introduced new Airavat services from Bangalore to Thiruvananthapuram, Horanadu, Shimoga, Ernakulam and Kumbakonam. It has also launched routes from Shimoga into AP, as well as from Bangalore to Mangalore.

Its quite clear Yeddyurappa is showering goodies into his district with these new introductions. As such the train connectivity between Bangalore and Shimoga is sparse and this set of bus routes must add more charm for travelers to this region. Promising even full sleeper buses between some destinations, KSRTC wants you to travel like a Baby. Till now there was only KPN Travels that had buses to Kumbakonam, but with the introduction of an Airavat, the temple city of South India is now well connected to the silicon city of India as well.

To know more and to book tickets online, hit this link.

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Asus EEE Transformer Prime Quad Core Tegra-3 Honeycomb Tablet review by Ritchiesroom (upgradeable to Ice Cream Sandwich)

Ritchie's room recently did a quick review of the Asus Transformer Prime Android Tablet. The design elements are very notable as compared to previous tablets in this one. To understand what you will get for a sweet price, read on to know more.

Swift Dzire sub 4 metre compact sedan launching for Christmas, deliveries will start in the new year

History of news flow
Autocar India, the country's premier automotive magazine reported late April, 2011 that the new Maruti Swift Dzire would get shorter and cheaper.
It also made an audacious attempt in getting an actual picture of the compact sedan and succeeded very well. The image which it claims was taken by one of its readers (not me!) is the one you see below.


Since this article many websites such as, and have been citing the original article from autocar india, and bharatautos even went one step further in morphing the new swift with the old dzire to produce its own rendering of what the car would be like.
I even saw another launch photo of the dezire with a boot like the old premier padmini 118 NE, sort of ridiculous looking, the source of which I dont have (with due respects to the owner)

Well now its time to reveal some rather accurate information about the new swift dzire.
Interiors and Design

NDTV demonstration of the Siri feature on iPhone 4S with indian accents

I have always wondered ever since the launch of the iPhone 4S as to how the voice recognition and support feature on the phone will fare against indian accents. the thought of spending $650 on an unlocked iPhone 4S just to see this feature did not obviously make sense. NDTV luckily has tested this feature with Indian accents and the results are very interesting. So does the system make mistakes? We all do, and so will systems designed by us. But for the voice feature on iPhone 3GS to now, the developers have come a long way in the accuracy.
So why not see the video for yourself and use the COMMENTS section to say what you feel about this?

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The Tablet wars

Here is a comparison of the 7" and 10" tablets running Android 2.2, 2.3, 3.2 and Apple's iOS5 in the market today. This table shows their specs, their cost and availability in worldwide markets.
(source :

So which one would you choose? Let us know in the comments section!

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RIP Steve Jobs

(image courtesy :
A picture is worth a 1000 words.

7 reasons TO NOT buy or TO buy the iPhone 4S in India

So the big iPhone launch event is now over and the dust is settling down. I must say that Engadget has done a fine job of updating on the event progress while it was on. It takes a lot of effort for a tech website to be spot on with respect to the updates. Given its experience in handling past Apple launch event this was a cakewalk for Engadget this time as well. Finally Engadget also summarized the whole event in a short bulleted fashion for people who don't have the time to read the full scoop.

(image courtesy :

Given this introduction let us then discuss the top 7 reasons why you should NOT buy the iPhone 4S. These reasons come out of my experience with using the iPhone 3GS for a year or more. So lets head straight on then ...

Closed filesystem - While for a person who does not bother to look beyond his iPhone, he can live entirely only with the phone without having the need to transfer anything out of the iPhone. Unfortunately not everyone is like that so one woul…

Starting today pesky SMS's won't reach you anymore

The TRAI saves the day yet again with their innovative measures. The TRAI has grouped SMSes into various categories since a long while now. Lets briefly understand these below:

So from today both pesky calls and pesky SMS-es from these groups of companies will stop depending on which you have enabled and which not. I however got an email from a consumer goods company from where I have previously purchased products online - HomeShop18.

The flip side of the TRAI regulation also means that you will no more receive confirmation SMS on the order you placed. But once you enable the respective category, you will again be able to not only receive important SMS-es but also the junk marketing ones. It will be interesting to now see how India leads the way in blocking unwanted SMS-es or calls. still however two SMS-es never forget to make it to my mailbox - how to cure myself of baldness and how to become rich by investing into lands around Bangalore !! What say ?

BDA launches yet another mega E-auction

The Bangalore Development Authority launched yet another mega e-auction today covering both prominent areas in the IT belt as well as areas in South Bengaluru such as BSK Vth stage.

In the last few e-auctions, people have had some issues with registering for the auction. One day before the auction, people could not register for the auction since the registration link was taken away hours before the auction started. While one can expect that e-auctions would not load the server as in the case of say a railway ticketing system, still BDA needs to iron out a few nitty gritties to make this system more reliable and foolproof.
Now there could always be scenarios where they jack up the price by themselves and in the heat of the moment the participants dont notice it when the auction is going on.
Further BDA's website was not renewed by them which shows how callous the government department can be at times. Somehow they have found a way to get their website back. But even then, their certif…

Nandi hills to get artificial waterfall, and splash pad and other facilities

Today's paper carries a tender call for Nandi hills to be upgraded as a tourist destination in the true sense. It is not very clear what facilities will be provided, but the nandi hills is sure to get an artificial waterfall a-la-Courtallam simulation at kishkinta water park chennai.

Besides that there is also going to be a splash pad which is a water area without standing water. Unlike many wave pools that are part of Wonder La, or Innovative Film city or other theme parks the splash pad is quite the contrary concepts which does not mandate any heavy cleaning procedures since the area dries up naturally. it will be a great pastime for kids as indicated by the pictures on this blog.
The estimated time for completion of these is 8 months which means by next July it should be ready for enjoyment. It clearly goes to show the importance that the GoK is giving for the development of the area next to the Airport and Nandi Hills seem to be their best bet yet. Karnataka continues to build o…

Maruti Suzuki website is distributing malware ....

I googled to the suzuki website and here is what i got :

What can you expect out of iOS 5 ?

The urge to know more about iCloud made me ponder whether I could go ahead and install the iOS 5 beta on my phone. Since I knew that there was support for the iPhone 3GS, it was time to fuel that urge further. So I googled about and found a website that shared the iOS firmware.
The point here is that to install iOS 5.0 beta 4 version, you also need the corresponding iTunes 10.5 version. With some luck I could find it here and here respectively. (hotlinks to this page won't work)
You must carefully note that this link is for 3GS so if your phone is different read that homepage fully before making a download choice.
Installing iTunes was no difficult. Once done, its the normal procedure of putting the iPhone in DFU mode to start loading iOS 5 firmware. This link explains the steps better.
To continue further, click here :Please note that in no way will the author of this article or this blog be responsible if the aforesaid procedures brick your phone.
Having said this much, I'd like …

Speculating on the prices of Apple products

Lets take a try at speculating what the new prices of old and new products from Apple would be so long as they dont open up their online store!

Apple Macbook air - starting from 60,000 upto 90,000 Rs.
Apple Mac mini - starting at 45,000 upto 70,000 Rs.
Apple thunderbold display - starting at 60,000 Rs. upwards
LION operating system - Around 5,000 Rs
Apple Macbook - might still be kept (50%) or removed totally (50%) as long as stocks last
Thunderbolt cables - around 5,000 Rs.
So what is your take? Let me know in the comments section of this post!

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Apple India Store goes down, prices of new products being updated

The Apple India online store has been temporarily brought down in order that Apple can update its prices for the new range of Mac minis, air’s and LION operating system. Yesterday, Apple launched their new products the significant of which was a processor refresh for Macbook Airs which now sport Intel’s famed core i5 and core i7 Sandy Bridge processors. They have also bumped up the RAM to 4GB, the storage is now a Solid State Drive upto 256GB, they also have a backlit keypad for better visibility during darker lighting conditions. Added to this they have now upgraded the OS in all offerings to LION which claims to have upto 250 new improvements over the previous Snow Leopard variety.The recent launches by Apple have better been described by Engadget and other leading tech websites. Apple also launched thunderbolt ports promising data transfer speeds of upto 10Gpbs on all their displays and macs. The LION OS has been extensively reviewed by Engadget and you can find that review here.Te…

Ezone goes into online sales mode

This had to happen someday. Kishore Biyani's E-Zone was on an expansion spree with many outlets in Bengaluru. The Rajajinagar one was the biggest of all and the Future Group started gobbling up many more properties to open an e-zone everywhere. But what he did not anticipate is the performance of other small time players with the weapon they had against him –  ONLINE SHOPPING!It is important to understand that when you open an physical store, it is going to cost you money. From the rentals to the employment you need to generate to keep the store going, and the miscellaneous bells and whistles like the parking space the footing of electricity bills and generator fuel and what not. Not to forget to mention the traffic jams generated due to your store, the physical store route is always the least profitable. When it came to electronic gadgets, distributors caught on to the fancy of opening their own stores a-la-ebay.The small time players dealt everything online and slowly grew big.…

KHB Suryanagar allotments phase 2 now announced

The government of karnataka has today announced the second phase of KHB Suryanagar site allotments. The advertisement is specifically for LIG and MIG houses of 550 square feet and 600 square feet respectively. These translate to roughly 30x40 and 30x50 homes. The number of LIG houses is 110 and the number of MIG houses is 68 that are still available. The payment terms are Rs. 4lacs for the LIG and 4.75 lacs for the MIG. The total value of LIG homes is Rs.16 lacs, and the MIG is Rs. 19 lacs.The following will be the conditions of the scheme:The application process is now openApplications which are not filled properly will be summarily disqualified without assigning reasonsThe rules of allotment will be as per stipulated standards of the housing boardIf you are from specific castes like SC/ST a certificate from tashildar is required to be provided along with the applicationIf you are from the army or other forces a certificate from the same office would have to be enclosed with the appl…

Blackberry Playbook to launch in Bengaluru on June 22, for 32,000 for basic WIFI version

At a time when Apple iPad2 has already upped the stakes, and close to its heels is Samsung 10.1 Galaxy Tab with Android Honeycomb 3.1 (the latest and greatest android flavour), Blackberry has announced in the Times of India regarding its Playbook launch. It has promised freebies like HDMI cable (a Rs.300 value) and a leather cover for the tablet (about a thousand bucks worth). So is this enough to lure you to buy one?

Lets in short see whats going in favour of the playbook and what's not to help you decide.

The Pros:

It runs QNX real time operating system which is proven, handles multitasking effectively and is known to be similar to linux in terms of capabilities
The user interface has been thoroughly worked upon and there will be no doubt that this tablet will present a sweet user interface which will be easy to work with
Being Blackberry it will no doubt come with many options, including advanced configuration options for the technically inclined, making it a great tablet to work wi…