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Airtel Mobile office gets cheaper, Airtel Live goes into paid mode

Close on the heels of the impending 3G launch, Airtel has reduced the Mobile Office rates which were skyrocketing earlier to something much more lower now. Earlier MO was 30p per 20kB, and now its 30p per 50kB which essentially means about half as less as previously.

Additionally, the Airtel Live WAP portal which was free so long is now 30p per 20kB. Though we feel not many people use this portal, we are wrong. The youth is the target segment of this portal and there are groups of users who primarily download wallpapers, games, and music off this portal. Airtel just decided to tap revenue from this set of people and hence the paid mode. Of course it will also discourage non serious users to stop visiting this portal or alternatively make serious users go for 3G which is coming shortly.

Users already into some plan will not be changed to this mode until next six months. Take a look at the announcement to know more.


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BSK 5th stage and Uttarahalli e-auctions announced, will BSK 6 start off this way?

Auctions have always been BDA's golden egg netting them more than the revenues normal site allotments can actually get them. Today BDA has announced e-auctions for sites in Uttarahalli and BSK 5th stage, which adds the much needed dimension for auctions, the electronic medium.

While many people do not have time to be at the auction venues each time, some depute other people on behalf of them. However, with e-auction comes not only some bit of transparency but also participating in an auction sitting on your desk!

check out the advt in TOI below:

What is interesting is that the initial bid per square meter is 39,000 rupees. Which means if we use conversions:

1 (square meter) = 10.7639104 square feet

This makes it Rs.3,635 per square feet, a whopping amount to pay up even for a 30x40 site (which works out to ~ 44 lakhs)

This shows BDA is clearly pushing brand bangalore and its corner site philosophy what with the FAR (floor area ratio) increased, as well as with some commercial possibilities in the offing. This then surely becomes a golden egg for both the BDA and the investors. Of course then this is only the starting price if one takes note of it and it can go anywhere between 4000 and 6000 per square feet making BDA a killing for its offering.

As the south western parts of Bengaluru improve in terms of connectivity to places like Whitefield and Electronics city, the areas have started commanding more and more money for the residential nature they offer. What then remains to be seen is how BDA goes forward into the next decade in terms of some serious thinking about long pending irritating issues like water supply, rain water harvesting, electricity supply, garbage disposal and transport facilities.

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Airtel launching 3G services next week and MNP shortly in Bengaluru


Slow but steady, Airtel is finally catching on the heels of Tata Docomo to launch their 3g services in Bangalore next week coinciding with the festive season. This blog already had a post on the tariff structure for Docomo post paid 3G services. Compared to those costs, expect Airtel to be a tad bit higher with their offering.

Ushering in both MNP and 3G at the same time, Airtel is bound to attract a lot of new customers even though their customer service quality has deteriorated over the past few months to a year. This is primarily in the backdrop of the 2G scam and the telcos that are now on the firing line by the government. Though many telcos more than rival the features offered by Airtel, the scam will deal a severe blow to these people if they are found to be involved.

MNP itself will be an interesting trend which will redefine and pick out the cream out of the telcos by the next quarter. This will be the only differentiating factor as compared to services, which will define who truly is capable of being a respected telco for time to come.


Airtel has already listed the steps to enable other subscribers to move to Airtel on their website. Airtel promises real time HD gaming, live video streaming (which might in due course involve live TV), real time video calls, among other offerings. No doubts this will come at a cost, but India deserves atleast 3G in 2011 and 4G in 2012.TRAI surely is working hard to bring more and more streamlined operations in the telco space. With the introduction of 3G the possibilities suddenly seem endless, and the next boom of rural and urban reach would be defined by data usage rather than just voice calls. After having met and spoken to many people who have witnessed the demos at Airtel outlet as well as Airtel insiders who have used the service, their claim is that its blazingly fast, and steady and exciting to use.

So this festive season, look forward to Airtel 3G! Spread the cheer.


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Notion Ink Adam preorder now possible, but is it worth it?



The Notion Ink Adam is finally out for preorder. Fine. But the details have been so seriously sketchy that Indians have no idea about what exactly it costs in India, and how one can get hold of the Android tablet. On an average in the USA the notion ink adam costs roughly close to $450 or in Indian money a little over Rs.20000/-. As of now shipping to any country via DHL costs a whopping 50 USD or roughly Rs.2500/-. While this is ok for other countries, a product conceptualized, designed in India is manufactured in China and sold all over the world first.

I think the Indian government should seriously consider policing such product launches. Given the fact the person designing the product has an office in Bangalore, has studied in an enviable place like IIT and has been Indianized all long the way, this becomes unacceptable. Using Indian soil for product launches elsewhere. This applies to Apple in part too. Look at them, they have launched iPAD everywhere other than India. I can understand their sentiments. India perhaps is still not fully ready for a device like iPAD. But lets take Samsung for instance. They came, they saw the opportunity and they conquered.

Yes its a bit high in price no doubts, retailing at a whopping Rs.36,000 for a silly tablet running android. But then my iPhone is also the same price and I guess its justified if I own one over the other. However for people who were looking at affordable computing with a tablets - congrats folks, your dreams have just been shattered by Samsung. The only other way you can own one is to get into the infamous and dubious EMI trap and keep paying for years together.

Coming back to the Adam product, its flawless and most suited for today's market if launched properly. But the distribution, returns and servicing strategy is not fully enlisted for both local and international users. There are no reviews of it with production quality hardware. The user interface looks great no doubt, but still not shown anywhere on the actual device. This makes the first set of devices questionable on their use. The keyboard looks fantastic and hopefully will allow for faster typing unlike other miserable touch screen devices like the Galaxy tab or iPAD even.

In summary one only hopes that Notion Ink shapes up its distrubution policy to be more transparent, ties up with banks in India and charts out a proper business growth plan for India. And yes please ship us the device for a 500 bucks instead of a 50 USD !



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KHB Suryanagar portal soft launch

Its about time since the last KHB announcement regarding allotments of sites and houses under the KHB Suryanagar scheme. Chowchowbath is pleased to power discussions on this subject further but on a special web portal specific to this venture from KHB.

You are welcome to sign up for discussions on KHB Suryanagar on this portal and air your views and suggestions and discuss in a more organized fashion on the developments. This is the soft launch of KHB Suryanagar.

Click here to sign up and start discussing. All the relevant information from this blog will be ported to the new portal in due course of time.

I hope you enjoyed participating on Chowchowbath, and would continue to be part of a more bigger, specific community which is dedicated to the cause of KHB Suryanagar. See you there!


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KHB Suryanagar discussions - part 2

I have created a new child thread for you to continue discussions on KHB. Please bear with me until a permanent acceptable solution is found for this.

I am working on it already. Thanks for your patience. You may continue discussing here.

I have created a new child thread for you to continue discussions on KHB. Please bear with me until a permanent acceptable solution is found for this.I am working on it already. Thanks for your patience. You may continue discussing here.

For Original post, click here:

NOTE:A new website has been created for these discussions.
CLICK HERE to know more!

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