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Alcatel 813D, Ice-Cube (ICE3) 4 years ownership review

About 4 years ago, I pursued a fancy wish of mine to own a phone that was not a smartphone, but had ample battery, and was ultra cool to hold and speak for an hour or two without worrying about radiation and all those issues.

At a time when smartphone sales were gaining pace all over the place in this country, I did some research and found a dual sim phone from [Alcatel](, called the 813D.

The FCC or Federal Communications Commission lays down rules regarding the acceptable [SAR values]( for mobile phones. These limits are given in terms of a unit referred to as the [Specific Absorption Rate]( (SAR), which is a measure of the amount of radio frequency energy absorbed by the body when using a mobile phone.

According to them, the limit for public exposure from cellular…

The iPhone 3GS in India – a review

Many reviews have been written on the iPhone 3GS and now even the iPhone 4G with its impending launch sooner than later. However it was only in the last one month did Apple launch the iPhone 3GS officially in India, almost a year later than other countries and with good reason. With the country seeing a surge in 3G connection options from BSNL and the impending followup by other mobile operators shortly by September post the 3G auctions, the iPhone 3GS has enetered at the appropriate time into the country.While some people may scoff at the fact that many mobile providers offer the service pretty late to developing countries, they must also realize that its not only about being a late entrant, but the limitation in technology makes in infeasible for higher grade devices to be launched at the same time. What would someone in India do with a 4G apple iPhone without an actual 4G service? Besides, red tapism and bureaucratic hurdles in our country only more definitely point to the fact tha…

Price versus Features – is anyone really serious in the automobile field?

The years 2009 and 2010 have witnessed a rather unusual flurry of new car launches. While the automotive market is no doubt on fire with these launches the question remains whether any single manufacturer has actually thought about power and features rather than fuel economy and subsidies for cars sans many common features. The phase during the early 90’s was radically different with just one or two manufacturers and a fraction of reasonably famous and good enough cars ruled the roads. The phase from early 2000 upto 2006-7 timeframe was mostly governed by car launches that showed the me-too-me-too syndrome with every auto manufacturer positioning a new car just because his competitor did. Still the idea was about garnering market share more than anything else.2009 and 2010 have seen some rather fundamental changes in the way auto manufacturers perceived the country in terms of consumption. People were slowly shifting from mundane cars to more stylish ones. People wanted colours, varia…