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Why I love my webhost . . .


Hosting is a tricky business. Especially for people like you and me. Not because we dont know how to host, but because we dont know when the host will run away overnight making you host all over again. Then again this is why there are websites that help you compare a plethora of webhosts who offer webhosting

I read as many reviews as I could and I saw that there were a set of famous five who turned up in every result of webhosting reviews. While all these were more or less of the same cost, it then all boiled down to just the features and reliability of a webhost especially with respect to them sticking around for a long time as well as their techsupport timeline. I found two webhosts who were worth mentioning.

Fat Cow – and JustHost – .

FatCow was a bit more expensive but at that price did not offer the feature set that JustHost was able to manage at 20% lesser price than the former. Unlimited webspace, unlimited FTP, traffic (bandwidth), unlimited emails, subdomains, databases – and if you decided to withdraw from them, they entice you with a 50% off for another year, meaning you pay only for six months to be with them for another year.

Page loading times were fast, their control panel was added with more features than the usual.Tech support was an area where they were lacking. But then so did others. I found FatCow the best in technical support, they went that extra mile in what they offered to the customers. But Justhost was a near second and I have never really had any problems with them either. Offering one year of hosting at about $40 with all these features mentioned above, its then only natural to be with them.

I am loving JustHost and I believe they care for their customers a lot. Keep up the good work JH!

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Blackberry Curve 8520 smartphone detailed in depth software and hardware video review

As promised, I am here again with an extensive, exclusive half hour Blackberry Curve 8520 smartphone video review. This phone has been recently launched through Airtel in India at a price tag of 15,990. So does this phone deliver on what it promises, are the features worth buying the phone for ? Most of your questions must be answered by this review, which will help you decide whether you would own this smartphone.

The battery life of this phone is about 2 days, which is similar to other smartphones. Extensive Wifi and screen usage, will bring that down to about 1.5 days, but for any normal scenario (you know what I mean, its a 2-day phone!)

So here it is, the full detailed review. Its about 25+ minutes, so don’t tell me I did not warn you :)

Untitled from Srik Eswa on Vimeo.

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the 8520 is finally mine!

I finally own a blackberry 8520 Curve. Its a nice mix of technology and looks. And there is no reason why BB will not make inroads into the low cost high feature mobile market sooner than later.

There is already lot of information on the internet on this new phone and I will cover more details about this in a seperate video review later on. However what is important is the fact that there is finally an affordable blackberry at our reach.

Before I end this small post I will leave you with some pros and cons of this device so that you can make your decisions!

The good points of bb 8520 :

- great screen with very good resolution
- new menu system which is very slick and quick
- all expected business features are nicely packaged in the phone
- sweet pricing this will attract lots of hitherto missed out customers
- very nice trackpad does what it says on the tin
- nicely packaged keys all around the phone
- very loud audio, clear and nice

And now the cons:

- typing not the best experience
- slightly hard keypad nowhere near N97 from nokia
- some options are hidden and only professional users can locate such features.
- wifi and bluetooth connectivity configuration not so straightforward
- camera is nothing to talk much and while its not pathetic its not great either

I hope you liked this small review on the blackberry 8520. If you did, watch out for the more detailed review on video soon.
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20 winks in 20 seconds

9am, rainy monday morning. Blues in the offing. 3 columns of ten cars in front of me. I drive up behind them and stop. Knowing MG road for the past two and half decades I switch off my car. Closed my eyes. Was thinking about having some personal time for myself in this fast paced world. I could see images flashing past my eyes. My son was playing by me. Wife was all smiles. No phone calls, no office, no one to bother me. The hassles were missing. Beauty abound around me. Serenity manifested all around. Calmness prevailed.

The sun shone into my home. Its rays sifting through the dust particles bringing in energy and freshness into every breath I took and illuminating my home with all brightness. This was THE life. A perfect one minus the daily struggles. :) Oh how nice the feeling.

Cuuuuuuuuttttttttt! Eyes wide open. Realized I am in the middle of traffic. The three columns of cars in front me had vanished. A quick look at the rear view mirror showed no one behind me. Or to the side of me. Or around me. Far away the signal showed green. And the pedestrians were waiting wondering what I was upto and what move I would make next. There was only one thing left. I jammed the accelerator and shot off to the corner to make it on time before signal went red. Made it on time.

Had I slept, or was it a situation of getting deeply carried away by thoughts which contained the stuff I was yearning for even for a single moment? I cannot say for sure. Whatever it was it did not have the daily struggle from the toothbrush to hitting the bed. And it was a good 20 winks in 20 seconds.

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From Orange to Black in one year!

Buy a house, get a mercedes free, Buy a flat stay along with a cricketer all your life (wondering doing what? batting and bowling along with him leaving my daily duties?), Buy a house, get gold jewelry in kilograms absolutely free. Wow. The way they were marketing their properties itself made a person feel Orange properties were upto nothing. Adding fuel to the fire they even started off a furniture mela, and an electronics exchange mela. Again things which were unbelieveable.

Well within a year, the colour has worn off. They are Black (listed) properties with criminal proceedings initiated against them now. Why? Since they did not deliver anything of what they promised but only ran away with investors money! Unbelieveable? well not really so. It was masterminded to absolute predictability. Yet we people never learn to listen to our intuition. Check it out yourself.



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Living with lethargy or dying with swine flu

Girl has flu. School does not notice. Hospital doesnt care. Wrong diagnosis. Late treatment. Girl dies of swine flu. Media makes merry. Court has its share of authority in suing the hospital atleast surfacially. Some usual blame games. Entire pune city swarms hospitals. Ill equipped hospitals invite more wrath.

Police 'control' crowds coming for irrelevant meical tests. Tv shows ask users to vote against mentality of hospitals. Telcos make rs.7 for each of the millions of sms sent. Next event waits to happen.

India is not a citizen friendly country. It wont be even after 100 years. On the matter of the girls death god give strength to the downtrodden family. Amen.

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