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the Nilgiris consumer & cake exhibition - not enthusiastic

Today I got some time to go out with my cousin to see the Nilgiris Cake and Consumer exhibition. So I set off to St.Joseph's Indian high school to have a glimpse of the same. Twenty bucks for car parking, thirty for the entry fee and we were directly straight into the biggest cake exhibit of all - the buckingham palace. I think the behaviour of people managing the place was next to audacious. They were herding the crowds like pigs, and pushing them more and more further, announcing that the cake exhibits must not be photographed. I have one question to you organizers, pardon me for that - but - WHAT THE FUCK? This is free india, and you are not allowing me into some military base or Vidhan Soudha, its just for heaven's sake a cake exhibition and that too a hot furnace. So why must I then not take pictures of a cake? I am not eating the cake am I?

Now this happens even at the airports where pictures are not allowed in India. May I ask why so? Are you flying stealth bombers in and out that I must not take pictures of the so called carriers? This kind of ridicuous provocation for paying thirty bucks of my money is unacceptable by any standards. You seem to be giving knee jerk reactions rather than planned thoughtfulness. And remember the cakes are for people to see and appreciate, which I shall come to discussing just further. You are not displaying something so sensitive and emotional that I must not take photos. And the foul language spoken by the security to visitors - again cheap and dumb. Agree you are under job pressure, but we are under recession and the last thing we need is YOU SHOUTING AT US. So having said that, I was pushed and shoved around until I reached the end of the cake exhibition, with so much gusto that it felt more horrible than the Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanams.

That said, there was the Buckingham palace (a rather simple structure to make out of cake in my opinion), and the new 7 wonders of the world. Note however that the enthusiasm shown in making the cakes is not as much as the last few years and is steadily on the decline. I had high hopes out of the colosseum but it turned out to be a damp squib. The fact that these are new 7 wonders might have made it difficult to design, but then atleast more intricate details could have been laid out. If you want to know more about the new seven wonders of the world, read here. The other cakes were nothing much to talk about. However the biggest gamble from the organizers side seemed to be the even larger consumer durables exhibition much like the society exhibition I had written about earlier. The usual magic stoves, the usual hose pipes, really quick water heaters (without any care for power consumption) and the vegetable processors (of which I too was a victim today) were all there in the exhibition. The unbreakable vegetable cutter just broke when I tried it at home and not there in the stall! So much for entrepreneurship!

This aside, more and more of plastics, furnitures, paintings, clothings, american diamond jewelry (dont get misled, I m just referring to fakes here), appliances, home loans (that one seemed odd), health foods, digestive mouth fresheners, lucky throw games, and a large variety of food stalls - they were all there. So by the time I came out I forgot the fact that this was meant to be a cake exhibition. Nilgiris, the business take over from your old owners if at all has happened, is really showing in this exhibition and the way it was conducted. I miss you - Original Nilgiris.


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