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Dialysis on wheels in Bengaluru from Manipal Hospital

It was sometime back that I noticed this service while driving to work, but I could not find time to blog about this. However its better late than never that I tell my readers about this. Manipal Hospitals have made an attempt for kidney patients in Benglauru, to bring Dialysis closer to their home by making the service mobile.

They also have a kidney helpline where you can dial 2520 4000 for any queries on kidney ailments, and also avail the dialysis on wheels if you require it urgently.

According the Hindu Business Line,

Manipal Institute of Nephrology and Urology has launched a "Dialysis On Wheels" programme that will bring renal care to the houses of patients, particularly to the aged and who are unable to travel to the hospitals. The fully equipped air-conditioned dialysis mobile unit will be available round the clock and can be called for on 520 4000. The dialysis can also be transported to smaller hospitals and nursing homes where such facilities are not available, allowing the patient to get treatment closer home rather than moving from one hospital to other.

Dr H. Sudarshan Ballal, Director, Manipal Institute of Nephrology and Urology said, "with this programme, we intend to make life easier for the unfortunate patients who have severe kidney failure and need dialysis." The compact `dialysis on wheels' would also have trained doctors, technicians and other support staff needed for smooth running of dialysis. The machine can be moved into the homes if required and patients can receive the treatment right along the bedside. This service is priced at Rs 2,200 and ambulance charges per visit.

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The Commune @ 19 lacs onwards - is it worth investing into this apartment complex

If you have been going around Bangalore watching the billboards at major traffic junctions, you would not have missed out seeing this advertisement about the commune apartments from golden gate properties. Their unique selling proposition is apartments at 19 lacs onwards as the pricing. There are a few things that I wanted to voice about this project which I will do here for the benefit of those wanting to invest in it. Firstly it is close to the NICE Corridor done by Ashok Kheny and company. They go on to say on their website that there would be a road leading to their apartment from the clover leaf junction that NICE has constructed in Somapura Village halfway between Kanakapura Road and Mysore Road. More details about this so called road or roads are present in their own website.

What I like about this project is that the apartments look nice for that price range of 19 lakhs and up. Golden Gate properties have been consistently improving on their designs ever since their first few projects in Begur (near Bommanahalli) almost 7-8 yrs back. That is good news. The Commune does have its own share of issues as well which are evident from the above photo (again taken from their website, with due credits to them). The main cluster of apartments have a region on the inside which would have dimly lit areas thanks to minimum sunlight penetration. Elevationally the apartments look good at present, but the free areas surrounding them are surely going to be occupied slowly by all other apartment builders, making life hell around that area sooner than later. Already Kanakapura road is a good example of civilization improving day by day so much so that they had to do double laning of that road upto Konankunte junction.

As far as the plans are concerned, they offer three types of flats, two of 900+ dimension and one of 1100+ dimension. After checking out top views of each of these I found only the Plan 1 reasonably okay in terms of spacing of rooms and privacy. The rest were a bit unimpressive but hey then that is what low cost housing is all about! I did not like the fact that other than the hall, no other room had a balcony provided which is bad. Also the specifications are not so impressive as I have seen in certain other apartments of course at higher costs. Also to be noted is that only 50% of the car parks would be concealed while the rest would be open to the elements, and god save your vehicle in such a case.

According to their own costing sheet the prices for the starting at 19 lacs apartments would now end up to be either 25 lacs or 30 lacs for the bigger one. So is it affordable living? Think again, I sold my apartment at HSR layout for just a thirds more than this.

Two other things really bother me about the Commune. One is that in their walkthrough they show a road from the clover leaf junction all the way upto their apartment complex which in my opinion would never exist. NICE company is smart enough not to provide entry and exit at the clover leaf junction for every tom, dick and harry. Why for that matter I would be surprised if Banashankari 6th Stage BDA layout manages to secure one exit and one entry point into the clover leaf. And in the case that this entry and exit are not provided, the Communists if I may call them so :) would then have to either reach Ravi Shankars ashram or Mysore Road to secure an entry into the NICE BMIC-Peripheral Ring Road linking Tumkur Road with Electronics City. So I would take this road approach statements and plans with a pinch of salt.

The second most irritating thing is that the compound wall of the Commune directly abuts or is adjancent to Vrishabavathi Valley or river. For those who do not know what this river is all about, dont have your hopes high, here is the wikipedia description of the river - The Vrishabhavathi River is a minor river that flows north of the Indian city of Bangalore. The Vrishabhavathi is a tributary of the Arkavathy River. The majority of the sewage emanating from Bangalore is carried by these two rivers. Click here for more information. If you want to see a map of how the river flows until it reaches a sewage treatment plant on Mysore Road, see the figure below. (note that the blue river flowing behind the apartments in the figure above is the one being spoken about)

So with this said, how would you like to live bang next to a sewage river? My guesses are as good as yours. There are positives with Commune in trying to provide low cost housing in these troubled times, and there are cons of living next to the NICE clover leaf and the VV Valley/River. Once the mysore bangalore corridor is operational the noise levels in the corridor are expected to go up manifold disturbing peace and harmony all around given the fact that we Indians are fond of honking our vehicles even when there is no necessity for doing it.

This review is not about deciding whether the Commune indeed is the next wave of low cost housing and whether it is the best project till date in town as far as low cost housing is concerned. But it does touch upon the projects highlights to meritoriously put forth a few points to note before investing into it.

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Web hosts and deciding for yourself which ones to choose

In my past ten years of my web designing, I have had the need to switch my web hosts for many different reasons. Either the web host would one day pack up and not exist the next day, or their webservers would go horribly wrong with errors each time and take a long time to get alright. Or maybe sometimes I've wanted to upgrade from paying just one dollar to maybe something more for more facilities. Whatever has been the reason, I've always wanted a single place on the internet which gave me a clear picture of the existing webhosts who were popular during that time, along with details of their pricing and how many facilities and what did they have to offer. Most of all, I wanted to have all this in one place.

One such website that provides me this concise information is web hosting rating. They have a very nice site, listing out the top 10 webhosts and predominantly display their traffic offering and price offering, enabling readers to have a birds eye glance of what they need to choose. Also a detailed review of each web host service is available when the user clicks from the front page, giving more than enough details of the intricacies of the facilities offered by them.

They also have an educational set of articles about the web hosting practices, the costing, and what it means to choose a good host. You can see this article for instance which talks about a review of a particular host.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the best web hosts of 2008 and sign up with the one you think is worth it in your opinion. Make an informed decision and get the best for your website!

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CBI junction Magic Box - yet to work its magic

Nowadays I have become a frequent traveler on Bellary road to my office and I cant help but ponder over the status of the CBI junction magic box work that is going on for almost months together now. Yesterday I happened to see a hoarding put up and I almost from its apperance thought that its ready for inaguration. But however upon looking closer I made out that without even tarring up the road, it was next to impossible to inagurate it.

Then upon looking even closer, I realized that its the Ganganagar BJP unit, which had put up the hoarding to welcome Rajnath Singh and Advani to Bangalore. I am sort of miffed with the way BJP is operating just because it has got a long term government in place. They dont seem to realize that roads are chaotic everywhere, and absolutely no progress has been made towards resolving these issues amongst other infrastructural ones pending so far.

With this said I do hope that they finish up CBI junction magic box on time and then we must have a smooth drive all the way from Raj Bhavan upto Hebbal Flyover and beyond!

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the Compaq Presario CQ50-106AU hell - Part III, the fine points of this laptop - a pictorial view

I had written about my experiences about the purchase of this laptop in two other parts, Part 1 and Part 2. Now that the hell has just blown over, I am left with upgrading this laptop to MS Vista, and to add another GB of RAM.

For now enjoy these snaps!(CLICK ON THEM FOR BIGGER IMAGES)

the laptop, the external headphone and microphone sockets and the optical dual layer DVD writer drive

power socket, and external monitor socket, modem, usb and laptop lock sockets, ethernet, HDMI, USB and memory card slots

the neatly laid out keyboard and touch pad

altec lansing speakers that surroung the keypad, and the inbuilt webcam and mic above monitor panel

keypad, speakers, touchpad and illuminated quick keys (power and wireless keys)

and finally! the laptop runs Windows Vista Home Basic displaying it on the brilliant 15.4" widescreen.

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