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Indian Railways First AC - a major difference and a pleasure to travel

With the BIAL being situated very far away for most people, traveling to nearby cities increasingly is using train as the mode of transport. Compared to yesteryears, these days Railways has done some serious upgradation to the type of services that are provided on the trains. I found out about this when I had a chance to travel to Chennai city by the First AC coach.Erstwhile the only real perceiveable difference, other than the fact that there was AC, was that the seats seemed to have a leather covering in First AC which was not present in Second AC. From outside, the compartments look pretty much the same:Inside too, one could not tell the difference between these two classes of travel(Second AC) (First AC)But after sometime, Railways upgraded the FIRST AC to be more cushiony and more decent in looks, the cabin itself looking more airy as well. The roof moulds were also done up from the inside and more neater upholstery was put into place which gave that well shaven look.But my journ…

Remote desktop sharing - solve problems your near and dear are facing with ease

I have been predominantly using three different types of remote desktop sharing programs, to either send files, or to help people with their pc problems or for just video/voice chat with some remote desktop usage (like shared whiteboards etc). I would like to point out those software here for reference so that others may benefit from it.NetMeeting from MicrosoftThis software by far has been the most common one I ve used until date for voice/video and remote desktop tech support. While I do like this software, I find that the remote option is extremely lethargic, slow and sometimes quite unintiutive. For more details you can visit hereCrossLoopCrossLoop is the name of a startup software company who are also into enabling remote desktop sharing and collaborating. Their software however is NOT a video/voice chat application. Their application is quite simple with either an ACCESS option or a SHARE option. While the former grants you right to access other's machines, the latter grants…

Break time!!

Wondering why there are lesser updates on this blog? Well I was off on a break of different sorts!

It was my cousin's marriage after a long long while in the family. This called for a trip to Chennai city after really long years. And a new entrant this time was my son who was the show stopper around there in the function. Chennai was humid as compared to Bangalore which was freezing in the monsoon winds. The cold juice, the hot weather, the humid climate and the stuffiness without sea breeze on some days all made life kind of hell out there in Chennai. Just before starting my trip, my son got hurt twice on his forehead on the same spot, making life hell for himself.
Just when I thought the worst was over, my son fell down headlong from the cot bang on to the floor. Miraculously nothing went majorly wrong though I did have some extreme tense moments taking him to hospitals in the dead of the night at 11pm-ish for clarifiying that indeed nothing was wrong with him. I almost thought…

Hotel booking in India – the online angle

India has progressed a long way in harnessing the internet for all purchase related processes, be it a flight ticket, or home appliance or of late even hotel bookings. Hotel bookings were mostly restricted to filling up the required details online, and waiting endlessly for someone to either call you or mail you regarding your booking. This could be an agent or well, the hotel management itself in some cases where the hotel was well known.

There were many anomalies in this kind of scheme. One for instance is that I sent an email via the form on the internet only to receive no reply after - well about - 5 years now!! Another instance is that I got a response from the hotel after about a month, which was of no use practically for me since I had exhausted the travel date for my trip. Atleast this was bearable to some extent but there was one more case where I began receiving spam for the query I sent which made it a bit intolerable.

From those days, hotel booking has steadily progressed to…