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Finally a paper that denounces sleaze

I was traveling along Trinity Church Road the other day near Trinity junction. I could not help noticing a bold big advert hoarding. The words read : IF I WANTED SLEAZE, I'D GO ONLINE and it was from Indian Express the well known newspaper in Bengaluru. From a long time, the Times Of India and the Bangalore Mirror, both from the Times Group, have metamorphed from being a good newspaper to read into a rather authoritative paper to the public, government and other organizations too. Not only that, they have slowly expanded the notion of page 3 partying articles to fill their entire newspaper with only news about gay marriages, or teaching young students about condom usage, or lots and lots of pictures of nude actors without any relevance to the article being printed about them. Worse still is the fact that they have begun to be a paper which has started to talk nonsense about every prominent personality and using words such as "public would like to know this", "public…

GPS based chaffeured cabs to the Bengaluru International Airport

Its about a month or two since the BIAL started off operations, and we have a handful of cab services that now ferry people up and down to and from the aiport. Of these two are appointed by the BIAL as official cab providers - Meru cabs (080 - 4422 4422) and Easy cabs (both seem to be from mumbai).Both these providers have sourced Mahindra Logan cars from M & M in large quantities and I strongly believe this is the right option as the car is very spacious which is the most required thing for a weary traveller commuting miles together and for hours together. With a big boot, it only adds more value to use this car than perhaps any other car!Add to this that these are chaffeured by drivers who wear proper uniform and are properly trained to behave with (weary) travelers and that the cars themselves have GPS so that they can be tracked for their subsequent assignments or in general on their whereabouts, and this makes the proposition of using these services pretty hassle free and saf…

Tata Sky versus DishTV - whats in it for you? (pictorial in depth review of the service providers)

I had been observing the DishTV service ever since my father in law installed it at his house a year back. However I did not have a chance to check on Tata-Sky service until now - that is until I myself was a victim of the satellite broadcasting hooliganism if I may use that word freely here. I am putting together my experiences on both of these services, before Airtel (Bharti) and Reliance IPTV launch their services in Bengaluru.I kind of like writing informally, but I ll try to be as formal as possible with the comparions of course with pictures to aid you understand better.Customer serviceI made a call to DishTV and I received the required answers almost immediately. They had both IVR options as well as direct customer rep talking to me, which made me feel good. At that time I did not intend to go for their connection, but nevertheless, someone from either Bangalore or Delhi always called me regularly to see if I was still interested in opting for their service. Finally I got it in…

Fcuk the poacher, save the tiger

I was driving home yesterday evening and could not help noticing this Tata safari in front of me, which boldly made a statement against the illegal tiger poachers - FUCK THE POACHERS, SAVE THE TIGERS. The car itself was an offroader to a great extent, and this message made it more synonymous with wildlife preservation efforts. The sticker of pug marks was big, bold and clear for everyone to see and understand. Way to go fellow, appreciate your sentiments a lot! The caption was daring bold and shows your attitude towards poachers!

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