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Next opens showroom in Koramangala, Bengaluru

I had written earlier about OASIS opening up shop next to my home about 300 metres away. The fun did not stop there! Koramangala seems to be a place of plenty and more and more to come in future too. It has become a hub of very interesting shops and things to do. At this rate it will be a mini Bengaluru in itself. I have Pizza Hut right next to my home. So if I ve gobbled up a huge pizza and am feeling heavy, I can go over to the new NEXT showroom opposite Pizza hut to do some window shopping of all electricals and electronics!

I wonder what more is in the offing for this locality. However I still have fond memories of Everest School, a school run for the little children, the students among which my own cousin was one of them. It was exactly on the same spot where NEXT now stands that once upon a time there was a little school with little kids being taught interesting things. Many a sports day, a flag hoist was conducted at this very place which has now given way to this swanky building selling home appliances. Of course this was exactly 15 years before when Koramangala was close to nothing in terms of economic progress. I guess the owner of this place too has caught a whiff of the real estate smell. Of course one cant imagine a school being run in a building as small as this anymore! Its now the time of International schools, since the national ones have no meat left in themThis building also houses MAX NEW YORK LIFE, an insurance provider of all sorts. While the guy at the bottom ensures you waste your money, the guy on top ensures you save money to waste

So thats it for now, yet another showroom in Koramangala to waste time on!

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Magic box - 72 hr box ready in one month- Bengaluru to see more ....

Infrastructure upgrades are something any Bangalorean will appreciate at all times. And the BBMP had started off one such project of installing MAGIC BOXES all over the place on Bellary road leading to the new Devanhalli International Airport. The earnest and direction was finally clear and a Malaysian company provided the technology to create single lane underpasses within 72 hours. This time was only for casting the boxes and making them ready where as the other road activities were supposed to be done in parallel. The excited BBMP started digging up Sankey Road in full swing only to break a huge water pipe laid by their own cousins - the BWSSB - making it a costly mistake since it cut off water supply to North Bangalore for days together! Some mistakes can be corrected but they will take their own time due to the mess and complexity created years back when such plans were not in place.

The BBMP and BWSSB started finger pointing at each other but this time they had to only save their skins with the project progressing. No excuses would be tolerated at the cost of progress was the clear message. So the commissioner took this up personally, camped at the site all night to rectify the problem in the right earnest. Finally the BWSSB and BBMP spat was over and they worked together to still try and realize the goal even after 72 hours. People almost started condemning these authorities for yet another broken promise. But the BBMP was ready to take all brickbats at the cost of progress. In fact the airport completion came as a severe blow to infrastructure planners who were otherwise lethargic. Now they had to pull up their socks and complete their side of the work. To add to their misery neither a train system could be ready nor were there any other alternative roads that led to the airport. This put severe pressure on BBMP to make Bellary road traffic free. And there were no excuses to be taken this time. The public were ready to fly at a rage to ridicule the authorities if they did not work. The LEAD INDIA effect started showing in their thoughts and faces.

(All images courtesy the times of india, dated 21- FEB - 2008)

So finally today the MAGIC BOX was finally opened up to the public much to their relief. Though slighty complicated, on using the road once one can understand how to go about this concept of infrastructure. The only thing one cant do now is to take a right turn on sankey road from mekhri circle. Instead one will have to upto BDA junction (windsor manor bridge) and take a U-Turn on a similar magic box which would be installed there to come back to cauvery theatre and take a left towards Sankey Road. Vehicles from Sankey road can go underneath the box and take a right towards MG Road or go over the box and take left to merge with traffic towards Bellary road. So that leaves the people coming from windsor manor bridge who would need to go left at Cauvery junction, take U-turn a little ahead and take left again to go to Bellary road.

One month was pretty quick to solve the problem of signal woes with the MAGIC BOX. hopefully in two more months, without breaking more pipes, the BDA junction, Sanjaynagar junction, and Sahakarnagar junction would have MAGIC BOXES. I only hope Mr.Commissioner then thinks of doing the same MAGIC at the following junctions please!

  1. Old Madras Beninganahalli Bridge junction

  2. KR puram - Banaswadi flyover junction

  3. KR puram railway station

  4. HP junction on ITPB road

  5. Garudacharpalya junction on ITPB road

  6. Bhoruka park junction on ITPB road

  7. Hoodi Circle

  8. Bellandur junction on outer ring road

  9. Intel junction on ORR

  10. HRBR - Babusapalya junction on ORR

  11. Hennur road junction on ORR

  12. Thanisandra junction on ORR

  13. Nagawara junction on ORR

  14. Kasturinagar - ORR junction

Good job BBMP and keep giving us more such MAGIC tricks! :)

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aShopCommerce : possibly one of the best shopping cart software around on the web!

You have an online business, and now want to make your products accessible to the public. What better way than to have an ecommerce framework designed to just that? No hold on! Now there is a much easier way to integrate a shopping cart software onto your site. aShopcommerce just does that and in style.What I liked about their website is the elegant design, which is simple to look at and understand all information about their offerings. The features for the shopping cart are nicely defined classified into setup, inventory, layout and design, payment options, shipping and tax information, web optimization, sales analysis and service and support sections, security and many more such sections.

If you are selling less than 500 products, for as little as 69$ a month, you can have all these features integrated as a shopping cart software, into your own site. On the higher end you can list upto 5000 whopping amount of products/merchandise for as little as $350 per month. What you get in return for that is a completely pluggable ecommerce software. For a list of features click here

From customizable themes for your cart, complete control over product information, integration with well known payment gateways, hosting of the shopping cart, databases and sms alerts, ashopcommerce has it all for you. So if you are a budding vendor who just wants to make it big in the online shopping market, look no place else. Click here now for some great shopping cart software.

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Better caring the better way.

Have you ever wondered who will take care of you when you are old? Have you ever wondered how old age care homes in other countries work? Bettercare is one such website which answers this and many such questions. It is a service which helps you find the best nursing homes available for caring for your elders.

The website itself is neatly designed and easy to read and understand. It has three major classifications - your care options which provide you a list of options for care homes available around your location, News and views which shares important news about care for the elderly, and a nifty and sweet forum for like minded people waiting for care or giving care to discuss the topic.

The first section deals with different types of care - care from home, rented residential care and finance based care options. It also contains links to charity organisations around you. The news and views section has news snippets, expert talks, and tips to lead a healthy life. The forum allows users to talk to each other, and the section also contains letters sent by visitors and nostalgic experiences shared on the site.

So if you are looking for inputs on nursing homes, go no further. BetterCare is the best example!

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Portable DVD Player from digitalframez

In earlier times watching movies was possible only on a TV or a standalone DVD player or perhaps a laptop which came with lots of associated peripherals. This not only increased complexity but also reduced the entertainment scale with such huge devices. For people on the move this was really bad until portable DVD players entered the scene.

Whats essential about portable DVD players is to keep track of its size, the disc formats supported, the outputs it provides so that it can be used with a variety of other devices, and the sound quality too to some extent. Having said that Digitalframez offers a trendy portable 10 inch DVD player. With most movies getting over between 2-3 hours, this player has about 4 hours of playtime which is a good thing. You could always end up one whole movie without battery fuss! And whats more it even charges off your cigarette charger in the car, making it worthwhile a gadget to possess for those long drives.

One another important thing to consider with a portable DVD player is the type of file formats it is capable of playing. In that respect the Digitalframez portable dvd player also is equipped to play divx files, and thats a huge boon considering that most DVDs are on divx format these days. It also plays photos, mp3 and other files! Armed with a TV tuner it makes it possible for a dual use mode, to watch either TV shows or DVD discs. At $239 its a steal.

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Fake-ro Rocher - Of Fakes and Bengaluru

I casually stepped into a bakery near my office to eat something since I was feeling extremely hungry. While I was having my snacks I could not help noticing this box of chocolates which seemed all familiar. Except that name that is. Jinnuo Cocher. Wait a minute, did i say Jinnuo Cocher? Yes of course. But thats not the name we all know it by do we? Look for yourself!

Presenting yet another FAKE of the original FERRERO ROCHER! It happens only in India!

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COBY FM + USB + SD + remote - awesome pastime for a good nights sleep in hot bengaluru

Finally I got some time to write about the COBY CX 266, a model perhaps thats already outdated in days in the USA which i nevertheless procured at $45 from there. I ve purchased a billion radios till date. But I must say there is no one single radio that is giving me as much comfort as the coby baby that i currently have. I was expecting a flimsy radio when I first purchased it. Only when my friend gave it to be after it traveled from USA miles to Bengaluru, did I start appreciating the radio for what it is. My need was simple, I wanted a decent sounding radio supporting FM and having a remote control to operate it with. But what i actually got with the coby was much more than what I asked for!

It has a USB slot and an SD/MMC slot to pull in all the music from the associated devices and play it on the radio. I have not tried this feature yet, but I appreciate that its there! The entire radio is done out of proper wood and the construction quality shows well when you look at it. It just looks so sweet! The six buttons on the radio itself are quite flimsy but who cares, I use the ones on the remote instead! And then there is the aerial antenna which is hooked somewhere to my window for better reception. The big volume knob in white at the middle also serves as a push button on-off power switch for the radio and to increase or decrease the volume but turning a full 360 degrees free flow. I always love radios that welcome me by saying HELLO when you switch them on and BYE when you switch them off. Pretty neat! During the nights the backlighting on the radio is quite clearly readable too. With this the radio has features to auto switch on at a given time, auto switch off after a certain amount of time lasting a maximum of 90 minutes. The latter is a feature that is most welcome especially when you have slept off and your radio intelligently switches itself off without disturbing you! How really nice!! And in case you are those zomibies who dont wake up when the alarm rings (this ones got a radio alarm by the way), you also got a snooze button at your service to keep snoozing until its night time again !

Here a few more pictures and the manual is attached too! For 45$ this is a treat.

So the only things I dont really like about this radio:

- no recording option

- no line in for recording as well

Special thanks to my friend Mahesh, whom we fondly call MASH for this gift. A good night’s sleep is now never really far away!

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The Bengaluru International Airport, music to my ears!

Today i was glancing through the Deccan Herald newspaper, which quotes thus regarding the BIAL.

For the HAL Airport, the shift will be abrupt. The curtains will fall right after 8 pm on March 29, the deadline set for all landings to cease there. “All flights after 20.00 hours will land at Devanahalli


Despite demands to retain the HAL Airport at least for domestic flights, the new airport’s operationalisation would mean an end to the old aerodrome. It will be an absolute shutdown for HAL airport, and an absolute opening for the Bengaluru International Airport

For a tortured soul living in Koramangala, for the past 25 years of which the last 20 years have seen a spurt in the amount of flights nothing can be better than this news. Its like soothing a baby with sugar in the mouth or by singing a lullaby to a stressed out soul like me! Atleast 30 flights a day at a span of every half hour and a gazillion international flights wrecking my sleep daily upto 1am and a restart at 6am, my sleep was reduced to just 5 hours a day. Thanks to BIAL the tables are now reversed. While I would get my share of sleep peacefully its the travellers who would lose their sleep perenially travelling up and down to the new Airport !

The BIAL unvieled its new logo which is extremely synonymous with old Bengaluru - the garden city. Analysts of this new logo also noted that the new logo cautiously stays away from the wrecked IT image of Bengaluru.

So then what exactly does the airport look like as of now? You bet it looks awesome already and is awaiting to cater to the first set of travelers by March end! Good job BIAL!

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