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Some decent support for all your computers seems to be finally in the making! Yesterday a website called was launched in Bengaluru. Operating out of rajajinagar area, for about Rs.899/- ($23) they offer you unlimited software downloads onto your PC/Laptop, live chat 24/7 and one year’s worth of warranty for your PC. Stealing the punchline off HP’s ad blitz about the computer being personal, they go on to add, ’the computer is personal, lets treat it personally’For this price you get 4 free carry in services if in case something is wrong with your PC. While the price seems a bit steep for just four services, atleast you have someone reliable (hopefully) and someone you can reach 24/7 online. This makes the price a bit attractive especially considering 24/7 work.

(image courtesy : times of india)

They have quarterly, annual, and pay per visit plans while they have managed to keep their online support free forever. They would perhaps be able to solve most of the problems by logging in remotely into your PC. A sister concern of Rooman Technologies, this company seems a bit promising for now. Other than PC support, they also offer support in network installations, security and offer helpdesk outsourcing options to customers. Their website is basic, static HTML content, with a login page for customers to login and view history of their activities with the company. This unique database management of customers would provide such companies with strong base to manage their ever growing base of people coming to them and put them into the bigger league of well managed companies.

Their customer service link though did not work on the website, which means something is still brokenSo what are you heading for? Have a problem late in the night in Bengaluru? log on to and voice it out.

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