Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The OASIS shopping center opened to public today the 30th of January 2008 in Koramangala. This perhaps kind of completes Koramangala into a fully transformed floating population hub as compared to the wild jungle it was exactly in 1983 when we first settled down here. Since 25 years, what a metamorphisis it has been! From a layout which had only one bus plying towards the city bus stand every three hours once to now being called the center of the city, its been quite a journey. So much so that the city’c center of gravity now has become Koramangala. Starting with cool parks, mundane post offices, one big school, missing bus services and being constantly harassed by small time RTO policemen in yesteryears, the locality has now seen a great transformation and amalgamation of different services including IT companies, ITES companies, call centers, petty shops, road side push cart shops, hundreds of Darshini’s, atleast two dozen good hotels, Pizza corners, hideouts, huts and what not, dhabas, multi cuisine hangouts, multiple petrol pumps, umpteen banks, arcades and shopping avenues, one 400 crore mall called the FORUM with multiple cinema screens, to tens of thousands of vehicles screaming at the top of your heads day in and out to hundreds of flights taking off on your roof everyday to spiralling rentals around the area - Koramangala has truly seen it all.

The Salarpuria owned OASIS mainly consists of the SPAR hypermarket (a full fledged shopping market), the LifeStyle store for all kinds of clothing accessories and POLYNATION - a one of a kind food court. Besides these there are software companies like NDS who also are put up there. And this building can accomodate many cars at its car parking facility at a time. Am I feeling lucky to reside here? Well until now no, but with the airport shifting out of here to Devanahalli, perhaps going forward in time, definitely yes! Thank you dad - I Owe it all to you!

So what are you waiting for? Visit the OASIS today !!

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