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We have heard of huge patriotic fervour for Independence and Republic days in India. However, in our very own Bengaluru and Karnataka, the Rajyotsava (Rajya Utsava - state day celebration) is celebrated every November 1st, and the festivities and patriotism lasts for a whole month. While the national flag is available for one and all to buy, the state flag is preordered by most people to hoist onto their vehicles and drive around Bengaluru city.

Circle Maramma Temple circle adorned with state flags at Vyalikaval, Malleswaram, Bangalore

the grand state flag

Since 1973, until now every November 1st, we celebrate Kannada Rajyotsava in full swing. Many street junctions in Bengaluru are decorated with the yellow and red karnataka flag (with the state map on it), and most notably the entire autorickshaw clan, and the BMTC city buses adorn this flag in a patriotic show off on this day. Other vehicles such as lorries, mini tempos, vans, and two wheelers also flutter the state flag to mark this day as one of sheer patriotism.

a hotel adorning the state flag

autorickshaws adorning the state flag and getting ready for puja

a truck with a state flag hoisted on it

A BMTC city bus with the patriotic flag

A mini tempo with the state flag

Many noted citizens are also awarded the Rajyotsava awards (for Literature,Dance, Folklore, Yakshagana, Sculpture, Film, Journalism, Medicine, Education, Environment, Science, Horanada Kannadigaru, Sports, Social Service,Research) during this month and there are lots of cultural dance and skit performances during this month to celebrate the occassion.

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