Wednesday, January 9, 2008


The time has finally come to explain why this website is called - why this name and what it signifies. From the day I began to understand life, about 25 years ago (a silver jubilee of sorts!) I slowly began to be associated more and more with Karnataka, Kannada and our very own Bengaluru. In these 25 years, Bengaluru has seen so much of metamorphism that no other city in India would have probably witnessed. From the days of having no TV or telephone, until the present day Tata Sky’s to DishTVs, and to Reliance free mobile to mobile calls, so much has gone in between like you would find a burger from Mc.D’s! We have come across sweet things, spicy things, sad moments, sour moments and bland moments. In essence this represents Karnataka’s favourite dish, Chowchowbath. From the day I began to build my website since 1997 until now, it went through different stages until I reached a juncture where my blog became my shoutbox and the site itself attained this name - And to keep it just like the age old Karnataka recipe, I try to give you to the best of my ability, all news and opinions, sweet, sour, spicy and bland on my blog. So the next time you head to a nearby Darshini(Fast food joint in Karnataka) - remember to order for CHOW CHOW BATH! - It has all the things you need to eat, just as this site has all the things you need to know!

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