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Namma Angreji (Our English)

They say language must not be a barrier for communication. Most times we have even reached a situation where we have communicated with only our hands and dumb mouth while in other countries where english is not spoken. Today you come inside Bangalore and most people you got to for business speak many languages ranging from hindi, to kannada, to malayalam, to tamil.

And who says Bangalore doesnt have a concern for the environment? In fact every lorry driver too cares for the environment, what better example than this message to keep the city Poluiteion free ... oops... pardon my spellings, I'm getting carried away these days.

I have heard of even better dialogues than this one!

- Open the window, let the atmosphere come in
- I need leave today, my headache is aching
- Both the three of you stand up
- Last bench please stand up

It does tickle the funny bone more often than not !! But I take pride in the fact that everyone tries to communicate in english much to the convenience of visitors from all over the world!

Welcome to my country, enjoy my country, dont litter the place and no poluite-ing the hair! :)

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Sunset @ KR Puram Hanging bridge

The quality of these snaps arent the best, but I did manage to catch the KR puram hanging bridge just before sunset. This is perhaps one of the engineering marvels in Bangaore, and at the same time a waste of public money.

From THE HINDU, more details on the bridge! These images are taken with my mobile camera at long distance hence the bad quality !

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The advent of geeksrik's blog

Alright alright. Before you scratch your head about this post lemme clear it up a bit. For a long time I had always thought that my blog was a mix of things. Well thats how Bangalore life is as well, so I dont see a reason to blog about the various aspects. In this melee what happened is that blogging about my favourite corporate articles took a back seat for a while.

Which is when I decided its time to reinvent the wheel again. And bring about a more focussed blog with matters close to my heart! And for a start I've made that happen at the blog of Geeksrik . As for the contents, its best you check out for yourself. I've tried to keep it simple and straightforward and in depth too.

More things are on the way w.r.t to my web career (as I call it). With atleast 10-15 minutes allotted to thinking a lot, it helps me get newer perspectives in life as I go on with work. You will see more and more updates from me on my pages soon.

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Lalbagh flower show - awesome, messy and crowded!

I had the opportunity to visit Lalbagh and a chance to photograph the flower show. This show was conducted on the occassion of 60th year of Indian Independence. I met up with my friend who brought his Canon DSLR EOS 300D, while I went in with my trusted Olympus C770UZ 10x Optical zoom camera. Though not to the leagues of DSLRs, my olympus did a great job with DOF effects and Macro photography. The colour reproduction was extremely natural as well. Luckily I went one week earlier. Had I gone on 15th August, on the Independence Day, I would have got stuck up in a big mess of swelling traffic and crowds! Have a look and enjoy the snaps. If you like them, click on menu within the slideshow and leave me ratings and comments :)




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Vitiligo and you - Part 2

Continuing where I left off at Part-I of this article, it would be important to understand how vitiligo mentally affects our daily lives. The best way to discuss about it then would be to logically divide our lives in stages and see what sort of challenges vitiligo poses at each such stage. The article also presents ways of dealing with this problem at different stages.

Infancy stage : It is not clear if vitiligo can be present in an infant. This is hugely possible perhaps only due to heredetical reasons. If the problem does occur, as an infant the kid itself is in a stage where it cannot understand the problem and understand others’ reactions to this problem. Grooming such kids as they grow older to grow with a better understanding of this problem is a very important step for the parents at this stage. There is no way in which parents can afford to be grief stricken over the occurance of this problem on their kids. Take it with your stride, enlist way to start combatting the prevalent social menace.

Schooling stage : Any problem surfacing with students has profound impact on their lives at this age. Vitiligo is no different in this case. The social discrimination begins to descend on to the kid and the nature of the situation is compounded, as the impact of this skin problem is also felt by kids of this age. There are all chances that such kids may not perform well at school due to the social pressures, and may even earn low grades. Some even turn into a mental wreck. The only way to get over this problem is to keep the kid occupied in other pastimes which diverts the mind away from the problem the kid is facing. For example a regular gym workout schedule or perhaps games schedules involving just the kid and the parent would help to a large extent. That way we can ensure that the kid atleast has some time in the day where he does not worry about the problem. What happens at school during socializing is something not in control of the parents, but it helps if the parents allow the kid to discuss it out with them if he is feeling low on any given day. The best way probably is to not keep asking the kid about his day at school, to avoid any more tormenting and compounding the stress.

In both stages above, a regular diet with less of sour/citric stuff is helpful in combatting the problem. A dose of psoralen and good exposure to sunlight every morning for about 10-15 minutes will do a world of good. If your country does not provide good sunlight, you might even want to compromise and think of moving to a place that does! Diet and stress situation control are the two key things that can keep the problem stable and prevent the patches from spreading all over the body (in case of partial vitiligo situations)

Adoloscence : This is the age where the individual will be in his early 20s and the seeds of knowledge are sown into his mind. This is the time when the person would be gearing up for making big decisions in life. Vitiligo can strike a nasty blow to this process, stumping the person completely. It could lead to a very depressive situation if not attended to with utmost importance. This is the right time to fill in the individual with knowledge and above all hope, that the problem is not something that is going to take his life away from him. The general immediate concerns would be that of a job and marriage. The former is NOT at all a concern as no organization discriminates you for an opportunity based on a skin condition. The latter however, can be a concern for sometime and would be solved in many different ways. In an ever modernized society its only natural that there would be a person who understands your problem in a tec

hnical sense and is willing to support you. You could still be married with people having the same vitiligo. Always remember that there is a certain give and take in any marriage. You say “YES” because you find something profitable in a relationship with your would-be spouse. The feeling is reciprocal as well from the other side. Having said this then, there would always be a person in this world who you would eventually find one day, and who wants solace from you as an answer to their own problems. The understaning of life and in general the relationships gets only better for people having Vitiligo and they learn to appreciate the small good things which bring cheer in life, rather than money, materialistic comforts and flashy lifestyles!

Having kids: If you are married to a partner without vitiligo, there are less chances your kid will have it too. If no one in your family has had the problem as a heredity, your kid is unlikely to have it too. Even if your kid would probably get this problem down the line sometime in his life, its very immportant that couples with vitiligo, provide a stress free life to their kids and conform to certain specific (non citric) diets, and provide good exercise and sunlight exposure to their kids. If this is done religiously, history wont repeat again.

By this stage any individual would be happy and content with his life that he no more needs to bother about the problem itself! Remember that excessive medication or treatment could be harmful in the longer run, and its always best to use natural sources of Vitamin D such as sunlight and maintain a regular healthy diet and exercise schedule.


For personal support on this issue, you can contact me via the comments form and I shall help you deal with your stress.

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America - ready for christmas gifts yet?

The holiday season is just a few months away! First Halloween, thenThanksgiving, and before you know it, you'll be stuffing stockings!Don't worry, CouponChief is here for you. Make a wishlist of your household family members and think of themost amazing gift you would buy for them, if you could. Don't forgetthe pets!

Check out the amazing deals here: Best Buy and Amazon . Do more online shopping here!

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No Parking? What does that mean?

As usual, scores of autowallahs are adamant in flouting rules in the city. The police cares a damn on this behaviour and I pity to only think they need some tips in coming up in life. But coming to think of it in their perspective, they are prohibited to park in any place where potential customers are available, so what would the resort to? Like for example the HOSMAT hospital in the photo below!

While prepaid auto stands are a good addition to the city, this has only mounted pressure on the auto wallahs to try new tricks to work around that constraint. And they give reasons like traffic jam, water logging, and latest even that metro rail construction is going on - all to fleece you even more than ever. I sincerely wish the government provides subsidies to auto wallahs to buy Reva cars and make the city more silent please! The noise from autos alone is staggering enough to make you deaf in a short while.

Education is of prime importance and just like farmers became educated after turning millionaires selling their lands off, we would love to see auto rickshaws prosper the same way with some boom in their field of work too! God are you hearing?

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Portable Scanner: Scanshell 2000N is the ideal A4 color scanner

The ScanShell 2000N (2000NR) portable document scanner is the ideal A4 colorscanner for the busy professionals and executives. This lightweight andconvenient scanner is powered using only the USB 2.0 port. TheScanShell 2000N (2000NR)is conveniently carried along with a laptop andrequires a minimal footprint on the desktop.

The ScanShell 2000N (2000NR) portable scanneris a lightweight(14oz/390g) mobile scanner that requires no external power adapter. ItsUSB 2.0 port connection feature allows for a fast and easy one-cablehook up to your notebook or desktop PC and the unique "launch" buttonstarts your imaging application instantly.

Bundled software
DocShell is an easy to use utility that scan documents and exportthe scanned image into existing, pre-installed application on theuser's pc (PDF,Microsoft paint etc.). The scanned document can be savedto one of the following image types: BMP, JPG, TIF, PSD, PCX, PNG orTGA.
Scan2Contacts our business-card scanning module for MS Outlook ®.
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Maini provides buggy at Lalbagh

The Maini group, more famous and synonymous with the name Reva Electric Car, has provided an electric buggy to the people who manage Lalbagh gardens in Bangalore for taking visitors on a trip around the place. The driver who doubles up as a guide shows you around the place and explains the significance of the gardens as he goes by. If you are not in a mood to walk, and you want to visit the gardens on the move, this buggy is the most suitable for you :)

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Vitiligo and you - Part 1

This blog entry is particularly provided to help people understand the problem of vitiligo or leucoderma and deal with both the physica and social impact it causes in one's life. Vitiligo or Leucoderma is in layman's terms the appearances of white patches on the skin of the individual. Both terms mean the same thing, and in a more technical perspective, your skin has cells called melanocytes which produce a colouration called melanin. When these cells lose the ability to produce the colour, pigmentation occurs causing white patches. There are three types of Vitiligo, one which is minimal and only on some parts of the body, one which is lateral which occurs either on the front or back side of the body and one which is total, ie., the pathces are many and sporadic all over the body from head to foot.

The most immediate impact is a social stigma caused by this problem becuase of which we feel inferior to move around with normal looking people. This behaviour stems from the concern of what people would be discussing about you and your problem behind your back. This very concern increases the stress which increases Vitiligo. It is important to understand what causes Vitiligo and how to control the spread and impact caused by the problem. The most common cause of vitiligo is supposedly said to be Stress. Partly it is also caused due to heredity. Stress can be better defined as a state of affair involving demand on physical or mental energy. It is any condition that exhausts either of these energies. Having said that, the common examples of stress could be a fight you pick up with a friend or relative, or a nasty situation at office where you and your boss dont agree, or even situations where you are worried because you think too much about an uncertaintity and compound the worries in you. When such situations occur it is understood that all the blood flow in the body is provided to more important organs, but not the skin cells. These cells are of least priority and are not cared for in these situations. This kills the melanin cells rendering the skin area white and patchy.

Coming to the issue of social stigma, the effects are a bit disastrous. You dont feel like talking to people about your problem, you dont want anyone in the public to see you or stare at you. You dont feel like attending public functions or parties for the scare of people finding out your problem and enquiring about it with you. You are threatened about the impossibility of your marriage or having kids and in general about the way you lead your normal life. In short you even head towards a depression of some sort. Its not uncommon for people to act panicky about each and every small problem you face about your health during the appearance of Vitiligo. You also tend to associate each and every change in your skin and attribute it to the spread of your problem.

Having said this much on this well known problems, its important you also know what are the treatment options available. The most common is standing in sunlight. Of course you would need to take tablets containing Psoralen, a chemical that would that react with ultraviolet (UV) light to cause darkening of the skin. If sunlight every morning does not seem to work, you go to the next stage of treatment which includes PUVA and PUVB (Psoralen ultra violet) light therapy for about 3 times a week for 10-15 minutes per session. Be advised that this treatment can cause side effects of skin cancer and cataract, the latter being more prominent if you dont safeguard your eyes while getting treated. The next option avaialble for a possible improvement of the spots, would be to undergo a cosmetic surgery of sorts. This surgery is of three types, progressively becoming more modern. The first
is to make a skin graft, that is take skin from good sections and graft them to the patched areas. The second is to do a punch graft, that is to take skin from a good section, divide it into many little pieces and punch them onto the patchy areas after which they start multiplying in that region. The last and perhaps the most modern is the melanocyte transplant procedure. In this procedure, the skin from good regions is removed, and put into a centrifuge machine, where after some time, the cells are seperated out of the skins. The solution containing the cells are then applied on the patchy areas after they are sufficently prepared to receive these live melanocytes (skin cells). These cells then thrive on the patchy regions and produce the necessary colour, reducing patches on the skin.

All these procedures always dont produce results. The results largely depend on the individual's body constitution and his stress levels. Yes they are a good try, but not always sucessful to the extent of 100%. The next part of this article will explain how to deal with the social stigma caused due to vitiligo.

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Some awesome Boeing 747 landings. Insanity magnified!

I ve always been an admirer of the majestic Boeing 747's and their antics in the sky. And Malaysia Airlines pilots are perhaps one of the world's best pilots in handling these beauties! What better way than to demonstrate a few of them ?


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The year you were born … (Part Two)

Starting again from where I left off in Part-1 of this article, 1999 was my turn to be churned out as an engineer. Except that it wasn’t exactly a budding engineer! Of the 20 companies due to intense competition, I could get in to a firm only at the fag end and the firm was into Y2K maintenance work and not much to my liking as well. And they deferred my appointment by six months to add fuel to the fire. So then began the hard search for a job where me and my friend (who was not so lucky to even have these 20 companies, but only 2) roamed the famous streets of Bangalore literally flooding our resumes to whichever company we bumped into on the way.

One day very early in the morning, I heard a loud knock on my door and it was the same friend of mine who I had gone out with earlier, who shook me and woke me up.  There was a walk-in interview schedule in Wipro, one of the top companies in Bangalore. I was nowhere near prepared with anything to take this up, but still my friend thought I should give a try. There were only 15 minutes left to report and I rushed there without anything in my hand but a pen. A huge crowd of nearly 1200 people were in the waiting. They needed a copy of my marksheets, my photos and some other details. I had none of them. Thanks to my friend again he had a copy of all those! (Friends in need are friends indeed). After the first round of this walk-in, 630 people were selected, after the second round 310, after the third round 200 and after the last round only a mere 56 people were on the rolls of Wipro - I WAS THERE! This was for a trainee position, wherein I underwent two months of rigorous (7am-8pm) training and then two more rounds of interview of which a mere 36 people were actually offered a job. I WAS AGAIN THERE! The same Wipro which I could not get into while in college (my first company on campus), I got into now. Thanking my stars was the only thing I could do in these difficult times.

My juniors had more worse times in the waiting. Post Y2k was the dot com bust, which rendered thousands of people jobless, and more of the potential new entrants’ hopes were crashed too. These were for the people of graduating batch 2000 and 2001. Come 2002 & 2003 and they had a much more difficult challenge - the World Trade Towers had just collapsed and this sent the American and subsequently the largely dependent Indian economy reeling. Thousands of layoffs only worsened the matters for new joinees. Their appointments were deferred by almost one year! Call it a curse or whatever. Most Indian companies learnt to reorganize their dependencies on America alone so that no one will be caught unawares in such a situation were it to happen again anytime in the future.

The last three years 2004 - 2007 has seen a strong oursourcing wave in India, making it possible for thousands of people to land jobs quite easily as companies are on the recruiting spree even now. With a host of benefits and large pay packets, and add to it geographical expansions all over the country has made it easy for youngsters to land good jobs. This obviously has to have a caveat and the people who still suffer are those who have been academically incapable (though not intellectually) - (read) people who have scored less in their graduating degree. Companies now want only the cream of people which has still left most others in the lurch. And this is a challenge which is not so easily conquerable as you cannot reverse your adademic scores! The only way then is to study higher and hope that a dual degree would solve your employment problems to some extent. The students are onto it, and companies are also taking note of this progress.


at the coming years would have as challenges are yet to be seen. But if there are any indicators, its wise to take note of them - Reverse outsourcing by companies, Mergers and Acquisitions, Emergence of non traditional sectors of engineering in a big way, Rising rupee costs, the pointers are many. And needless to say only the smartest in the human race will survive. When the going gets tough, everyone gets going is the motto for the Indian IT industry. The only difference is some people scale higher altitudes, the rest go home.

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S for Swift Succession!

Got this succession of the swift in my office parking lot, looked so appealing and beautiful. For more information, Maruti has sold an estimated 1,50,000 Swift cars since its inception which is a record in itself. It has spacious interiors, decent gear shift and ride quality and good power with both the 1.3 petrol and 1.3 DDiS diesel engine from FIAT.

It is notable that Maruti has provided space enough to fit upto 17 incher tyres which makes it a great car to start modding! This car alone has generated so much appeal that thousands of customers have modified the swift to have better alloys, cool tyres, sun roofs, door graphics, lights, ICE systems and so on.

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Payperpost - A unique opportunity to earn with your reviewing/posting skills

For the past two years I was blogging very personally. It was only this year that I decided to go public with my thoughts to write. It was due to this step that I got introduced to PayPerPost, a unique website that leverages these skills of mine and enables me to review the links the provide. So without wasting much time, I ll go straight to the point of reviewing their site.

For beginners, the site main menu is well organized on top of the page, and gives you links to go to various sections where you can easily get conversant with how to set up your account, your dashboard, your PPP tools and also check on your posts. A very simple, uncluttered menu design in my opinion.

The dashboard has among other things your earnings, a simple button menu with various settings on your account and a box showing opportunities available for you to take up. It also has advert spots showing what are the opportunities available in a more pictorial form so that you can relate to it. Also below to encourage you is the list of highest earners, which can help you know more about them, make friends with them and perhaps learn how they manage to earn so well and try the same for yourself. I do however feel the dashboard can be simplified by putting the pictorial adverts in a seperate page to avoid clutter!

The opportunties menu item brings you to the list of opportunties which are displayed as per the classification of either being available to you or not. You can also zero in on either posts that are available, or those posts you can additionally take up, etc to simplify this list. it also shows how much you get paid, and the number of votes (popularity) of the advertiser. The PPP tools section contain many aids like banners, forms which you can easily install on your blog/website by copying code for the same. Its a nice way of letting users know which type of recommendation to pay per post are available and helps them select what they want most to their liking. Additionally also is a firefox plugin.

The myblogs section is self explanatory where you can manage one or more blogs of yours. Here what I liked is the fact that it shows whether the PPP tools are installed on this blog and whether your blog is available/participating in the market place and in the direct space. Google and Alexa rankings are also shown for reference which is a good pointer for your to keep note of and contribute more to achieve high ranks!

The myposts section is again self explanatory. It gives status about your blogs and what posts you have contributed for the opportunities listed.

Now coming to the most interesting aspect of PPP : Why you are encouraged to write and earn? The reason is simple and in front of your eyes. You have skills, there are advertisers, and there are things that you can review fairly and frankly. And you get paid for it as a gift ! All this put together brings your creativity to the fore and you can write cool things you like/dislike about any given opportunity.

Thats not all, generally blogging makes friends for you. and PPP multiplies that possiblity. You get to know more people, things what they do, and also the general marketplace musings! So what are you waiting for? Join PPP now and start making money while enjoying reviewing opportunities!

drive traffic

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The year you were born ... (Part One)

The year you were born has been one of the greatest differentiator between you and your peers in the industry today. though the software industry had its modest beginnings around 1980 with microsoft being in the lead, it was the inception of Infosys in India around 1991 that really set the pace for India Inc to take shape. The engineering batches prior to 1993 were that of yearly courses. It was only from 1993 that Bangalore University adopted the semester scheme which made it easy for the students to finish off with a crisp set of topics for every semester and completing their degree in eight semesters. During these days both students and the software industry were more or less evolving with the same pace in Bangalore. I say Bangalore, becuase this is where the growth story had its start!

I was particularly lucky to have atleast three levels of heirarchical seniors in my academic domain. While the first batch of semester students of 1993 did have a pretty tough time getting the ball rolling, we piggy backed on their experiences to chart out a pre-analysed study schedule for ourselves during 1995. It is worth noting here that these first batch of students did not have any concept of campus recruitments from any company except for one or two colleges in Bangalore. And even if they did the only companies to talk about were Infosys, or Wipro during those days. Having said this, each batch of students had and continue to have their own challenges to face between 1993 until now. But the period between 1997 and 2002 was perhaps the most phenomenal for India Inc in my opinion as most of you would also tend to agree. We dont know how many more such phenomenal years are ahead and only time will say.

Why does the title of this post say "the year you were born ..." ? Well, strictly it should have been the year you graduated! I was born in 1977, and graduated in 1999. Whats so great about that you might ask!? For the context of this post, it makes a lot of relevance. People who graduated in the late eighties, and very early nineties founded companies like Infosys in India. At the time my seniors graduated in 1996-7, the old men of the late eighties were millionaires cashing in on the "start" of the impending software boom in Bangalore, leave alone India. My seniors were not that straightforwardly lucky, especially the ones two years older to me. The had no company willing to recruit them, they had not many companies to go about to and market themselves and they perhaps were cursing themselves to be the first batch of jobless engineers in the making. Well time does change everything doesnt it? These guys too found jobs somehow, somewhere and with someone willing to recruit them and they made an extremely modest beginning with India Inc, unlike the millionaires of yesteryears who are the visionaries of today!

Then came the turn of my immediate seniors, older to me by one year who were I should say perhaps the luckiest batch with respect to campus placements. The software industry reared is hissing head and began sounding omniously huge with mega plans to change India as early as 1997-8. As a result 40 top companies in Bangalore (should I say what a growth in one year?) expressed their interest for campus placements in my college alone. You name the company and it was found on my college campus. I could only barely contain my anxiety and enthusiasm seeing this development as the next year it would be my turn.Come 1998-9 and to my luck India Inc took a different turn and things started to go onto the backburner for these companies. Neither were there 80 companies this time, nor were the same number of students recruited as much as for my senior batch.

The culprit : Y2K. Or can i call it pre-Y2k syndrome? There was lot of work going on to save the systems from getting obsolete due the onset of the new millenium. This work alone trasnlated to a mini boom for India Inc as it affected every project and every walk of life. The sheer number of th

ings getting obsolete presented a huge opportunity for India Inc. So then the recruitments for my batch were supposed to have been phenomenal by any indications. But the companies always know the best for themselves and most of them unanimously accepted the grim post Y2K scenario as early as 1999 where all the work after 2000 would obviously drop to real low levels. This only meant enthusiastic engineers newly recruited would meet a nasty end even before they began.

The result: Only 20 companies compared to the 40 the previous year, and double the number of candidates for competition! What a pity for students, though at an analytical standpoint the companies did the right thing I must say rather than to have dealt with the bloated workforce later post 2000. Neither were they willing to take that risk nor were they too well equipped to predict what would lie ahead. Companies decided to wait and watch for 1999-2000 and this was a severe blow for the students of that batch, including me.

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The Gyaan begins here ...

You must be wondering what is happening on my blog lately. Well I have decided to blog more and blog more usefully. Having said that the one thing I have always wanted to write about was the different aspects of being in the Indian software industry. There are lots of things that can be written about India Inc, and how people graduating out of Indian educational institutions manage to fare under India Inc. So without being to hasty, I will introduce a set of articles that aim to understand these situations and help people deal with it in a better way. I hope that through these articles you will be able to gain the ability to deal with situations better in life.
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The new honda Accord tail light design - just awesome

I ve always wanted to capture the new India Honda Accord's Tail lights in action. Today I got a chance to do so. And boy oh boy, arent they really awesome! They are three rows of sweet little LED lamps perhaps, which give an awe inspiring road presence for the magnificient accord. It looks much much better than the older accord (which also nevertheless was a head turner). Design philisophy must be in the blood and it shows in the case of this honda. I cant wait to imagine how the facelifted honda city will look like in December this year. And the completely new honda city that is going to light up a thousand hearts coming june next year!

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Flexitron LED lanterns - flexible, saves power, money and lots of headache!

The latest rage in India are LED lights of various fashions, be it small torches, lanterns, garden lamps or even lamps that fit into the common bulb holder socket found at homes! These come in different wattages starting from 1W upto 3W or more and save you thousands of rupees in precious money when used in place of conventional lamps.

One such company making LED lanterns is Flexitron and I came to know about this company through some business contacts. I happened to buy a 1W LED lantern that has two LEDs facing each other, one from top, and one from below. The lantern costs Rs.900 upwards and comes with a charger similar to that of your mobile, which shows a red indication when charging and a green when done. Each charge of the battery can run this lantern more than 14-15 hours and the charge also lasts upto more than 10-12 days which makes it very very handy for homes in India where there are frequent power cuts.

The light released by this lamp is strictly not phenomenal, but it can easily brighten up a dinner table to an extent where one can comfortably have dinner even in times of power cuts.

Any product has to be handy in ways more than one, and this one is no exception. This lantern also comes with a Nokia phone charger with which you can charge your mobile phones during power cuts by deriving power out of the lanterns battery. Thanks to Nokia's large scale monopoly, at this time this lantern only supports nokia phones, but it isnt far off when more multi model phones also garner support from our humble lantern.

Well then, is it a cool gadget for 900 bucks? I would like to think its quite expensive as usually is the case with any new products. But if you do think of the energy it saves over days and years of working, the amount seems negligible. The only problem then being warranty and support. For one year there is warranty on the lamp and I do want to believe that the company making these lamps does not shut shop or change business. But its hard to say what can happen due to business dynamics to such companies who are initially interested to be innovative and then change track later on. Hopefully my lantern will be safe for a few years.

In these days of use and throw gadgets, I would not be surprised if I find more and more people having greater spending power leading to more and more cheap, reliable, use and throw gadgets, there by keeping the economy revolving on and on!

If you care to buy one, do call flexitron at +91-80-25531512, speak to Prithvi. you wont regret the purchase! Move on bulbs and tubelights, give way to the swanky new LED systems.

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Published August 03, 2007 by Srikanth Eswaran with 0 comment

Reva-i, expensive, but eco friendly, easy on your pocket and easy to drive too!

With the launch of the new Reva-i version of the already famous electric car reva, the Maini group seems to be going in the right direction with its $20mn second round funding recently received.

The new vehicle is pleasing to look at much like the old one and is priced between 3.49 to 4.04 lakhs INR. Since there is no road tax for this car, one can pretty much assume this would be the on road price as well or atleast near these prices.

For the same price, you get more bang for your buck. Technological innovations are the key to this car design and it seems to be future proof as well. Some obvious changes include inclusion of a defogger which is a boon in city rains, alloy wheels (atleast the picture shows so), improved torque (upto 40%) which translates to lesser stress on driving, a maximum speed of 80kmph as compared to a sluggish 60kmph, and the best part of all, a maximum mileage of 80-100km per charge as compared to an earlier 60-80km. the increase in the mileage of about 20km is definitely a boon to the people of the geographically ever increasing city bangalore and enables you to travel far off distances within city limits.

As for other features, they remain and get better by the day. Climatronic seats, remote AC (cooling begins with the key !!), and other gizmos remain (it also includes a 12v socket with which you can use your laptop). On the outset, this car seems very expensive when you would get say a maruti 800 or indica Xeta or say an alto or a Chevy spark. But none of those are automatic, Reva has almost all features the other cars have (except its a 2 seater), and the best part is its easy on your pocket and a no frills car. If TATA launch their one lakh car with an AT version, then reva has competition, else it would continue to remain a trendsetter in its own segment.

I have driven the earlier reva and its quite zippy and easy to drive and absolutely no mechanical electrical gimmicks to understand. put the key, and you are off. period. Now its left to see if the reva does garner more exports and domestic sales as time goes by. I for time and again want to own this baby, and there is no better time to do it than now !!

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