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Its coming to get you on May 4th !!

Surprise Surprise,

Get ready to be thrilled on May 4th, the Sx4 is coming to get you !!

Time for firefighting !

Its always important to know what you can do to help when there is a fire at your workplace or home, but do you know how many types of extinguishers are there and what sort of materials they use it for? There are water based ones, CO2 based ones, available, and this training at our office only helped us get a first hand view of how to use these extinguishers! Though it was a mock drill, it also helped the fire department understand how casually people respond to fire. So the next time you hear and alarm, get out of the building immediately, fire or not!

Also the security personnel displayed a pump hose which could throw water at unimaginable heights upto 4-5 floors of the building, I must say it was really impressive!!

Faithful friend

Its become the rule these days that people follow to take their friends out. oh yeah, and by friends i meant our dogs! Its so refreshing to find dogs enjoying the ride as much as us! Wish I had a dog at home, but my mom just said either its me or the dog !!

You are lucky doggie, enjoy your ride :) !

Sunset @ Hebbal flyover

Its been my earnest endeavour to capture the sunset at hebbal flyover during this summer. As i zip past from my office at over 100kmph in my little tin car, I slowed down briefly to enjoy a warm summer sunset over the hebbal flyover!

GM launches chevrolet spark at 3.09 to 3.89 lacs ex-sh delhi

General motors finally launched their small car (the lovely old matiz) Chevy Spark yesterday between 3.09 and 3.89 lacs ex-showroom delhi. however the south indians have to wait for almost three months even for a test drive as the production capacity will increase slowly and phased launches will take place in all regions. GM expects to sell 7000 units of the spark per month and at this juicy price, one doesnt have any doubts they will achieve their sales figure.

What is disturbing though is that the sales of UVA might completely go down to zero due to its high cost of ownership. Time will tell what happens in the GM circles! For now add a spark in your life! For more see

2005 rare 2-rupee indian coin

Went on a walk to a medical store when the store guy returned the change which contained this, a vintage 2 rupee coin!

Renault Logan Diesel 1.5 DCI, test driven

Original photo credit :

Today I got a call from Vijai Auto Sales in the afternoon for a test
drive of the logan from renault. was a pleasant surprise them calling
people registered with them earlier for a TD, that too on a sunday
afternoon. Since that was the only car left out by me without a TD, me
and my father decided to check it out. We reached the showroom, and a
lady there prompty started off her blabbering about the car in full
tempo. Meanwhile I dediced to check out the car first hand both hands
off and hands on, and here is my report!

I saw and drove a 1.5 diesel DLS (the highest end model) with airbags but no ABS!

Hands off:

1. Looks big, and roomy, colours are boring renault couldve done better.

2. Dashboard is clean and uncluttered, rather straightforward design

3. Renault perhaps would be paying their workers Rs.10000/- per month i
guess even in france, hence the severe cost cutting on the car itself -
the power wi…

Kempegowda Tower - new and old

Credits for photo :

Original photo and article can be found here:
The new kempegowda watch tower at hudson circle pretty much resembles the old one at lalbagh as amongst the other four towers in bangalore as well. For more history on the founder of bangalore Kempegowda, and information on these towers, look here

Volvo - an enriching experience!

Finally today i got an opportunity to test out the volvo journey all the way from Koramangala, upto Yelahanka, totally involving two volvo buses, one upto city centre and another upto the final destination. At a total price of about Rs.110 per head, it worked out to about Rs.220 both ways for two of us, which is way cheaper than an auto to the same 60km distance. With volvos on each route roughly 15 mins apart, it wasnt difficult to get a volvo soon enough. I must also say that compared to an auto, this is a swedish bus, with ultra refined suspension, and airconditioning to beat the searing heat of the day.

The seats are quite plush, much like buses in western countries, and there were many other welcome additions as well, such as a plasma TV (!!) and a camera at the doors, hydraulically operated doors, with a separate mini screen for the driver, and electronically printed tickets. For the money its truly value to use this bus. So much so that I even used my laptop for the entire journ…

Chevrolet UVA 1.2 LS test driven

Well well well, what more can i ask for? A HATRICK for today! i some
how managed to squeeze in a test drive of the aveo UVA 1.4 LS today at
Sundaram motors, Kasturba road. The friendly neighbour hood salesman
was ever ready to offer me a test drive. The test drive car had done
2000+ kms which means to say test drive cars are not sold to us
unknowing customers! hurray chevy, you scored on that one! i went to my
wife’s office to pick her up and on my way back since other work was
over, and i had time to kill, asked the guy whether i could come for a
test drive today itself instead of tomorrow and he told me to come
there immediately. what more could i ask for? took my wife and landed
at the chevy showroom to drool at the UVA.

when i write reviews, i want to make it as unrelated as possible to any
other car and i see each new car in its own natural perspective and
enjoy it before making comparisions. Enough of talk now, to the
features: The one i saw was a 1.2 LT and the one i drove a 1.2 LS, only

Suzuki Swift VDi DDiS review

After having car dreams all night long yesterday after 3 test drives, i
wanted to go back to the tata showroom to show my wife the palio (since
it was cheaper than the rest I had test driven). I had bought my
earlier maruti 800 at bimal motors indiranagar. Just before I left i
called bimal on whether i can have a test drive of the swift diesel VDi
and they said i can. so i changed my mind and took my wife along. On
the way i stopped over to the getz showroom and she had a look at
santro and getz that i had test driven earlier yesterday. since the
executive was taking too much time, i told him i ll be back and i went
ahead to bimal.

Knowing the showroom well, the moment I went in, i was offered a test
drive and the keys to the VDi were in my hand. It was an ozone blue
colour car, pretty nice looking and a unique colour in the market as of
today. Put my wife in the back seat, executive in the left seat in
front, ane me on the driver seat! Jet Set Go!

Started car. No noise. Super silent. Cross checked …

Hyundai getz prime 1.1 review

I was always anxious to know like others whether the new
getz prime will hold onto the market and was very interesting in
getting a test drive in a proper location which had a mix of inclines
to test its power. my main concern was the pulling power of 67bhp and
how it compares to the palio with the getz having a 4 valve SOHC while
the palio had a 2 valve SOHC. So off i went since one person in trident
was more than willing to help me drive it since a month back. he told
me he would call me when the car was available. as coincidence would
have it when i returned from the palio TD i got a call saying the
hyundai TD is ready!

Now getting a juicy offer and considering the fact i could drive from
indiranagar to koramangala via the flyover and also test its higher
speeds, i immediately ran away to trident. after a brief look at the
getz prime it was now time to drive. but before that experience, a talk
on the features.

the model i saw was a 1.3 glx, and the model i drove was a 1.1 gvs. the OTR prices in …

The new Palio Stile 1.1 SLX

Its my pleasure to post here my experience with the test drive of the
new palio stile. Without bragging much about anything, let me start off
to the point. I has spoken to one Mr.Subbiah the manager of Prerana
motors, next to urvashi theatre (lalbagh road) expressing interest in
the test drive. since the car was still unavailable in the showroom
around April 1st, he said he will contact me once its there. Maybe due
to his busy schedules, he never did that. We all are busy, and we can’t
expect others to be proactive when we ourselves are not! So I decided
to call him up again, and this time he remembered me, and asked me to
come on Good Friday morning for the test drive since the car was now
available in the showroom.

And what a good friday it was !! There was no traffic whatsoever in the
morning, and I promptly presented myself in their showroom spot on at
10am. They were just opened for the day and without any surprise i
found the Palio Stile parked there. The lady who received me was very