Read why the Electrohome alarm projection clock is one of the most useful gadgets for every home

From a long time I had one drawback being myopic. If I removed my spectacles while sleeping at night, I could not read my clock no matter how near it was. It was annoying to switch the light on, or use any other means to read the time. The last thing I needed was to […]

Life in Bengaluru

Seasons change, as Bengaluru embraces Summer

  (image source: from here) This February has seen some unusual temperature variations. Bengaluru was ultra chilly at 12-13 degrees C. Added to this were few virii in the air, and everyone were down with viral fevers, cough, sore throat and other typical Bengaluru syndrome. My case was similar and trying out different modes of […]


Crazy Bengaluru – One early summer morning?

I headed out to my office on a clear summer’s day to get a whiff of fresh air and what I got is this The temperature pattern in Bengaluru is becoming more and more unpredictable as each day dawns. Its a storehouse of surprises each day. The fog just lasted for a bit of inner […]

Life in Bengaluru

Good morning Bengaluru

Pictures speak a thousand words, and as summer begins to set in, I caught this pleasant sunrise on my mobile camera just near ITPL. Good morning Bengaluru! Technorati Tags: Life in Bengaluru, Bengaluru, Blog, Bangalore, Summer, Sunrise, Itpl, Cloudy, Pleasant, Weather