Why my mind switched from Maxpider car floor mats to 3M’s NOMAD

From a long while for many of my cars I had always dreamt of buying the Maxpider KAGU 3D floor mats. They were probably one of the most sensibly designed floor mats beautifully designed with a depth factor to help keep dirty legs contained within the mat area. Also I believed that these car mats […]

Why I will never buy a blackberry again ….

![](http://cdn.ndtv.com/tech/images/gadgets/blackberry_z3.jpg) Image Source : [NDTV](http://cdn.ndtv.com/tech/images/gadgets/blackberry_z3.jpg) Everyone knows about Blackberry. No not for the wrong reasons, but right ones. They were Canada’s regining kings in making mobile phones, much like the Finnish Nokia. Their phones always had an aura when you held the product in your hand. It had amazing finishes and the right set of […]

Big Basket and the art of shopping groceries easily

From a long time I wanted to try my hand at shopping groceries sitting at the comfort of my home. Just imagine driving your car to a mall, climbing few floors using escalators, pushing around huge carts, with annoying kids tugging at you, and ending up in that serpentine billing queue. The headache you have […]

Holding the iPhone 6 in my hand for the first time

Today I had the chance to experience the iPhone 6 as my friend had come home with the phone. I had [posted earlier](http://chowchowbath.com/2014/11/02/iphone-6-and-6-plus-first-impressions/) about the first look of iPhone 6 and 6 plus with my opinions on which one I would suggest to buy. I would let the picture do all the talking on how […]

Norpro the chopper with a truly big mouth

Source : [Amazon USA Website](http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/415YHInf5uL.jpg) I am a fan of kitchen tools (using gadgets or appliances here would be wrong terminology). Each time I visit the home centre I always make it a point to keep myself updated about what the latest in kitchen tools are. However I still feel India needs to catch up […]

When no amount of planning makes any sense …..

I wanted to write this article for a long time but there were too many things in my way blocking me from making this article available on the blog. Pretty much things that correlate to the topic in question – planning. After a month’s worth of planning to go to a trip to the Arabian […]

Why Bristol furniture makes a statement with respect to style & function

I was scouting around for computer chairs for my mini SOHO space. We have all been through this phase of life of looking at hundreds of computer tables and chairs only to find after buying that it did not either suit the style quotient we expected or the functionality we wanted. Maintaining such furniture has […]

Read this post before buying anything from Printland.in

I Recently attended a training session and when the trainer gave me his business card, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of that card. It was made of thick plastic, with surprisingly good inks used. It was shiny and so professional that it made me genuinely interested to source some for my own self […]