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Break time!!

Wondering why there are lesser updates on this blog? Well I was off on a break of different sorts! It was my cousin’s marriage after a long long while in the family. This called for a trip to Chennai city after really long years. And a new entrant this time was my son who was […]

What the HAIL?

Bengaluru never ceases to amaze me for its weather patterns. I was just enjoying myself thinking that the incessant rains are over, and then this : What the HAIL ?? Bangalore just had yet another hailstone storm. Just look at those ice cubes, how big they are! Just wonderful arent they. I’ve always been wondering […]

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Swifts and Elephants – who hides what

The Maruti Suzuki Swift has an inherent problem – the visibility to the driver. Reams and Reams of complaints have been made about this problem and the problem itself does not seem to be blown up. Its the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The massive pillars (A, B & C) of […]