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Sony XAV AX-100 6.4” Media Receiver (Car Stereo / Head Unit) review

  Its rarely that I have ever written about car stereos under this blog, but now I have reason enough to do so. I recently had the need to upgrade my car stereo in my Old new honda Civic 2010. The last two times I went in for a Pioneer and a Blaupunkt head unit […]

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Museum road dug up, 220v underground supply provision within city starts off this way

  Alright, we do understand that the BJP wants to do something useful in the city in the five years they have got, so as to come to power again. One must appreciate they are atleast receptive to what people’s need maybe, whether they are able to fulfill them or not. So here goes, currently […]

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It happens only in India…

I was on my way to a function in Jayanagar this weekend, and my wife pointed out this hilarious hoarding at a shop in Jayanagar Shopping Complex. I could not help laughing at this Its only a matter of time by when the moral police book this guy for his prostitutional racket of selling ladies […]

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Did you meet yourself anytime?

Have you ever wondered how you would feel if you met yourself somewhere on the streets? Would you not have the curiosity of understanding who the other “you” is ? well, though this exactly did not happen to me, I however bumped into an identical pair of twins in a super market. And boy oh […]