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Why Confident Dental Care is on its path to being the best dental clinic in Bengaluru.

  (image credit: confident dental) If you have been to a dentist in your life – which most us would have – you will know what your mind will get worried about : the pain when the doctor attends to your teeth. And in all fairness, why not? After all teeth are sensitive areas which […]

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Museum road dug up, 220v underground supply provision within city starts off this way

  Alright, we do understand that the BJP wants to do something useful in the city in the five years they have got, so as to come to power again. One must appreciate they are atleast receptive to what people’s need maybe, whether they are able to fulfill them or not. So here goes, currently […]

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Break time!!

Wondering why there are lesser updates on this blog? Well I was off on a break of different sorts! It was my cousin’s marriage after a long long while in the family. This called for a trip to Chennai city after really long years. And a new entrant this time was my son who was […]

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Vitiligo and you – Part 2

Continuing where I left off at Part-I of this article, it would be important to understand how vitiligo mentally affects our daily lives. The best way to discuss about it then would be to logically divide our lives in stages and see what sort of challenges vitiligo poses at each such stage. The article also […]

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Vitiligo and you – Part 1

This blog entry is particularly provided to help people understand the problem of vitiligo or leucoderma and deal with both the physica and social impact it causes in one’s life. Vitiligo or Leucoderma is in layman’s terms the appearances of white patches on the skin of the individual. Both terms mean the same thing, and […]