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The Dyson V11 absolute pro review



After being accustomed to Eureka Forbes for most part of my life with the demo man coming to my home and later managing to convince me to buy one of their vacuum cleaners each single time, I slowly moved on to the likes of Karcher. All of these vacuum cleaners however were wired and had to be lugged around the house along with the wire. This was irritating at some point and I wanted something which would cut free the cord. Here is where the Dyson family of vacuum cleaners used to appeal to me since a long time. Finally I decided to take the plunge in 2020 and went in for the DysonV 11 absolute pro.


What it claims to be

Dyson V 11 absolute pro is a cordless vacuum cleaner obviously with rechargeable battery about the size of a laptop battery and can be easily used around the house to clean the house. So what is special as compare to the other vacuum cleaners you may ask? Well from the looks of it there's nothing really different from other vacuum cleaners but when you begin to use this machine you see the finance with which it is built. The looks, the attachments, the ease of attaching and removing something, the way it glides over the floor, the way in which you can keep it clean, the way charges, and so many other things in between - these are what makes it really different from other vacuums.

So basically it comes with the main unit along with many accessories for which you Will need a bag to store them. It's a professional design with the stunning blue look and feel extremely premium to hold in the hand. It's almost like the Apple of phones.



After the purchase of the vacuum cleaner the goods were delivered to me by courier within a couple of days. Post that an appointment was set for demonstrating the vacuum cleaner and me being the usual guy decided not to go for it since I knew how to use vacuum cleaners. Nevertheless after sometime I thought I should still let the appointment go through and called the guy for a demo.

The guy said he will take a Ola cab and reach my home. I have never seen any service personnel come by taxi for a demo. Just imagine the level of comfort his company gave him to do a task well. Small things matter right? He was at my home on time very professionally dressed and already to show me the demo of the vacuum cleaner. He went about to explain all the parts very well and detailed some specifics of how to use each part.
He had to wall mount the vacuum and he did that in an extremely professional way. Not a single bit of dust fallen on the floor anywhere. I was extremely impressed with his way of working and vacuum cleaner was on the wall in no time.

Detailing the parts

The vacuum comes with the following parts


  • Main unit which also has charging port
  • charging cable
  • Wall mount apparatus
  • One long tubular attachment
  • One floor cleaning part
  • One crevice cleaning part (for in between mattresses, sofas)
  • One mattress, sofa cleaning part
  • One carpet, mat cleaning part
  • One electronic screen cleaning brush
  • One cobweb and wall corner cleaning brush which can also be used for windows
  • One bent attachment to reach above air conditioners, fans
  • One spring attachment to pull, extend and clean inaccessible areas

Detailing the modes of operation

There are basically three modes of operation, Turbo, Medium/Auto and Eco


  • Eco stretches the battery upto an hour
  • Medium / Auto takes the battery until 40 minutes
  • Turbo is usually around 15 minutes

All these vary the suction power and produce different results.


Cleaning the parts

The user manual has a lot of information about how to attach the parts how to clean them and so on. These are pictorially depicted and easy to understand. The user manual has a lot of information on how to interpret alerts from the machine, understand if there is a blockage in the machine, and how to look for blockages within the vacuum cleaner in such rare instances. The level of instructions are not confusing and are very pictorial easily get the point. Two of these parts can be cleaned with water. The main unit has a filter which can be cleaned washed and dried in sunlight and put back again.

The dust holder area in the vacuum is within the main unit and can be open to dispose of everything in a dustbin. You need to ensure that when getting rid of the dust you don't put your face to close with the dustbin, else there is lot of micro dust which could fly out causing cough.

Summary of the gadget

There are very few things that are professionally designed in the world while at the same time addresses real life issues while we humans use these gadgets.


Here are a few things that tilted my favour towards the Dyson v11

  • Professional look of the device
  • Heard a lot about the professionalism of the company and the level of investment they do into their design (such as bladeless fan etc)
  • Cordless vacuum means no more wires worry or tangling or hurtling vacuums across the house
  • Easy way to dispose dust straight into the dustbin - no dust bag etc
  • Suction power is uniform until the last drop of battery
  • Charging is done overnight and its ready to go again in the morning
  • Professional installation support and easy to read manual
  • Wall mount option
  • Attachments that are sensible to use and easy to attach/detach at any height
  • Entire vacuum can be held in one hand like a huge gun
  • Slickness in the tech
  • Easy cleaning options


Here are a few things why people may not buy a Dyson

  • Karcher and Eureka are still at affordable range of about 5-15k INR. For everyday vacuuming at cheaper price these are still great options
  • At nearly 50000 INR this is one of the costliest vacuums in India and is not affordable to someone who likes it but is restrained by the cost factor
  • The main unit is heavier than I expected and hence you need to keep it at an angle while cleaning the floor else your wrists are gonna hurt after a while.
  • For floor cleaning I would still prefer something like the Roomba simply because its automation level vs the price point of 2/3rds of Dyson means it would do its job without me having to intervene.
  • At the end of the day no vacuum can ensure your entire house is clean always. Its a mix of vacuuming mopping and sometimes even deep cleaning windows and doors that ensures maximum results.

In summary I purchased this gadget at a zero cost emi of 2500 INR a month for two years. I know that this gadget is there to remain with me for a couple of years and this offer was great for me. I know I have invested in a company that puts thought into design for addressing real world issues and does that in style with their products. I am a happy customer of Dyson and feel that their products and their professional approach will give a lot more choice to the customer in future.

If you have the money and are looking for a good vacuum in the market, there is nothing better than this one at the moment. Go for it !

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The world turned topsy turvy


It was December of 2019. I was preparing to buy a new car, and also conduct a function at my home for my boys. Planning was in full swing. Suddenly I lost my 96 year old grandma. It all happened in just a week. We were a bit sad about this, but still decided to go ahead with the function assuming her blessings.  She personally had told me she will be there at the function no matter what the circumstances. But that was not to be.
Hectic activity preceded the function. Invitation cards, arranging a hall, transport, accommodation, food, the priests and everything else from decoration to photography. The mood was set and the function happened. It was a fantastic event well represented by everyone. Family, friends to support me and make it a success.
Around this time just after the function, my father in law had a heart attack. It all happened all of a sudden. He was at my home and he suddenly started perspiring. I just checked his head and felt that it was a little too much and I took a call to immediately take into the hospital along with my wife. Fast forward two days and he had come out of the ICU after having a couple of stents placed in his heart. A couple of days later he was back home feeling fine. In the meanwhile my new car suffered an accident although a minor one. I personally did not get hurt but I had to spend a lot on damages.
Just when I thought everything was getting settled the COVID-19 mania entered the scene.

The Pandemic

Even at the time of this writing the number of confirmed cases all around the world has already touched 600,000. A whopping 27,000 deaths have already occurred. 130,000 people have recovered and the pandemic has affected 181 countries. India had to work fast and do something immediately. This is where the Prime Minister took a bold call and not only did he ask for a curfew of one day but also extended the curfew for three more weeks. What started as a joke about the Chinese turned into a real nightmare for the entire world. Every company offered work from home for the employees and the government ordered a strict lock down of the entire country. This simply means everything was stopped - malls and movie halls, schools, transportation, working from offices, public gatherings, events or even simple things like restaurant visits and family outings.

Pressing the reset button


Work and Study

Just one week or two everything has turned topsy-turvy. Kids took up exams in schools hoping that they would go to the next grade with flying colours. But the government cancel the entire primary and middle schooling and rather promoted them to the next grade automatically. High school exams are now postponed without a date. Working from home became the new normal for employees in India. All the meetings were happening on video conferencing software. And now the whole world is talking about the recession to come. If the stock markets are anything to go by we are in for a very very long haul by the time everything recovers. People were hoping of good salary hikes and promotions and needless to say bonuses but now all they want is their job to be secure. 

Fun and frolic

People wanted to spend time with their families watching movies and going to malls for shopping and a few other trips for holidays. But people are now spending time with families sitting at home. Many people lost lot of their money in the stock markets, while some have a lot of money and don't know what to do with it. There was a time when weekend shopping was a must do in everyone's list but today the whole world is scrambling to get food that can last at least one week. The world is talking about distancing from each other not meeting each other, and not going to any public place for fear of catching the virus.

The importance of small things

Everyone of us for a long time have assumed that everything in the world will be available to us all the time. Given the crunch on resources we now understand to see small pleasures in life and appreciate them. It could be as simple as having a good meal with your family. It could be to do the clothes or to do the garden or even playing with your kids on the street. It could be watching the birds or enjoying the silence given that all the industrialisation has come to a full stop. This is the reverse case of the so-called perceived stress that we undergo with our job. Requiring us to sit at home doing nothing for nearly a month makes us feel like we are cut off from everything. We now understand the happiness associated with all the socialising that we did. Our mind yearns for getting back to work meeting our colleagues and friends and getting a break from the mundane home life.
We now understand that we need not run to the doctor for every single problem we have, but rather find some way to get it cured at home itself. We now understand how not to waste things, how to keep our home clean, and what it is to be healthy. We now understand how important it is for our kids to go to school and get educated while spending quality time with their friends. 

Government stuff

As far as the government facilities are concerned the lawmakers now realise the seriousness to reboot the system once and for all. In my opinion this should be a permanent change and for the good. This should help the future generations be prepared for anything like this pandemic. Our healthcare facilities need to be upgraded and more importantly accessible to all irrespective of how much money they have. In fact a country like India should now seriously think about social security in a greater sense with respect to health care. In all of this I really appreciate how we as a country have put in all our minds together and take a resolve to fight this pandemic. 

Future priorities

As we go into the future cautiously our priorities need to be revisited completely. We need good healthcare which is affordable to all. We need assurance on food supplies. We need to stop hoarding essentials. We need to stop panicking about everything. We need to support those who are taking action. We need to care more for our families. We need to socialise more with our friends. We need to look forward to a world where humanity takes priority over everything else. We need to help more. We need to give more. We need to treat all other beings other than humans with greater respect. We need a lot more trust and a lot more faith. We need to stop being politically oriented and start being more humane. We need to celebrate the fact that we are living a good life and so are others around us. We need to make genuine friends and we need to respect people around us more. 
But is the world ready for all this? Or are we going to go back to old ways and only think about ourselves while we cause destruction around the earth with our selfish nature? This is like that all important exam question but you are given a chance to edit your answer once. Will you choose wisely?
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Details of the economic stimulus package for battling coronavirus times from FM Nirmala Sitharaman & BJP - India fighting COVID-19

In today’s meeting the finance minister outlined the stimulus package of 170000 crore Rs/- for the country during the time of fighting a serious pandemic COVID-19. Here is the summary of the package
  • 50 lacs insurance cover for medics
  • Money and pulses to be made available for poor
  • 5kg rice/wheat per person free for 3m over and above for 80cr people
  • 1kg pulses per household free
  • Farmers, mnrega, divyang, jandhan, Ujwala, self help, organised sector workers, construction workers, district mineral fund are covered for this stimulus package
  • Farmer - 2000 Rs immediately of the 6000 for the year
  • Wage increase in mnrega by 2000 per year
  • Old age > 60y - 1 time amount of 1000 Rs over 2 instalments
  • Jandhan holders get 500 Rs per month for next 3 months
  • Ujwala - 3m free cylinders
  • Women self help groups - (deen dayal yojna) - collateral free loans doubled from 10 to 20 lacs
  • Organised sector
    • GOI will pay EPF contribution of 12% and 12% - for all those establishments upto 100 employees, 90% of whose employees earn less than 15000 per month
    • PF regulations will be ammended to allow non refundable advance of 75% of PF or 3 months of wages whichever is lower for contingency
  • Construction workers - give directions to state governments to utilise the construction welfare fund to provide for economic stability
  • District mineral fund - will request state governments for supplementing and augmenting all kids of screening, testing and those things necessary for fighting the pandemic
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