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Why Visualising your information makes ultimate sense while planning your expenditure?

What is the problem statement?
If you have tried managing expenses in your home during pressing circumstances ie., when you have loads of other things to do you may have hit a wall looking at the complexity it can present to you. Sometimes you are totally confused and disorganized and are unaware of the expenditure that is going to hit you in the near future.There are people who are good at this no doubts. But as we age, many of us feel that the amount of data we need to process and the amount of expenses we need to gauge is enormous and we may miss out on the important ones many a time. Couple that with other disturbances such as pressure at work, household chores, lack of sleep and a general lack of time and we tend to move towards assistant apps on our phones which will keep track of the costs for us.Again there are some really good apps in the market for that such as expense managers ranging from simple ones, all the way to ones that even manage and read your bank statements and sh…