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Leaf bluetooth earphones review - does the Indian Startup fare well among global competition?

Quest for quality
Its after a long while I am back to bring you a review of a gadget - a pair of earphones this time. There are some differences this time. I am not a big fan of Indian gadgets due to quality issues persisting since many years. Everytime you buy something cheap or costly when it reaches your hand, one look at the packaging or the product and you feel cheated. You really feel why Indian companies take customers for granted and just produce something for the heck of it.

The feeling of great packaging, good quality materials and the general thought process of thinking in terms of design, usability and durability are mostly missing with Indian made gadgets barring a few of them. A few good ones I could think of are the Notion Ink Adam, Sony India basic wired headphones, etc. However many of these are not Indian firms and bring products from their global lineage time and again. Craving for earphones I have got a craving to order more and more wired and wireless earphones aft…

The desert safari sand dune bashing experience - an event that you willforever remember!

Some history ...
In my previous post you would have read about the buggy ride experience that we had at the Desert Safari tour. The day continued towards the late afternoon when the sun went down a bit and after the buggy rides, we rode our hummer onward to the dune bashing area.

Dune bashing landscape
When you reach a certain region of the desert you can notice that the landscape automatically changes to drifting sands which form small mounds and the whole region looks a bit hilly with some small mounds leading to larger bigger slopes. By the time our earlier buggy ride was over, the driver had by then reduced the air/nitrogen in the tyres of our hummer substantially which made the car adaptable to being driven in the sand.

With lesser air/nitrogen in the tyres the hummer suddenly swerved from the main highway right into the sand dunes. And before we knew it, the famous "Boushret Kheir" song from Hussain Al Jassmi, the Arab world's proclaimed artist, was rocking the hu…