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Huawei Honor Pro 8 - Five reasons you must buy it

In my last post I mentioned my experiences with the Huawei Honor Pro 8 in the first 24 hours of me buying it. In this post I wish to cover the good bits of the phone which are impressive enough to make a case to purchase it. So let’s then get down to business, shall we?


The dual lens camera is 12MP + 12MP RGB + Monochrome. What this means is professional quality fo pictures taken. The icing on the cake is wide aperture mode which allows you to adjust the aperture after the photo is taken which gives your images like what is shown below. The depth of field can be adjusted post taking the shot.

And trust me the camera is good. I mean really good. Almost close to Samsung which is the industry benchmark till now. Take a look yourself.


The 4000 mAH battery is there for a reason. For many people charging in between the day is a bit of hassle. For me too. This in spite of me having a 20000 mah power bank, a wireless charger and a fast charger with me always. Still the thought of battery dying down is irritating. Tugging cables along, scrambling for that cable to get that extra bit of juice - well all this is history with the Honor 8 Pro.

For the records, if i have 100% at 9am I still have 5% at 12am - a full 15 hours later. This is under heavy use - WhatsApp, videos on FB, hangout calls, phone calls, Virtual Reality video, Email sync, browsing, Wifi, LTE, Navigation - literally everything. Of course I am not a gamer but I think the phone would do well even if gaming were to be considered in the mix. Overall for the battery - a very big thumbs up !!

Virtual Reality viewer

The Honor 8 Pro doubles as a VR viewer and Google cardboard videos look great on this viewer. My only grouse is that the casing for the phone could have been more sturdier in some manner but you cannot expect more for free. This aside the Jaunt VR application is awesome and it tracks your eye movements to operate buttons within which is super cool. The lens kept falling off but hey like I said before - if its free I cannot complain much you see :-)

Storage and RAM

128GB storage and 6GB memory - at a full 7000 INR undercutting 1+5. Period - Enough said. If you have to know more details, the OS itself seems to take about 20GB leaving a little over 100GB for other stuff - but hey again - nothing to complain here.

Huawei’s RAM management is very strict and background process sync is controlled and throttled. For me this is a big plus. I am not a big fan of too much of sync happening over the background so this works well for me. Kudos again.

Sound output

I compared the sound output of Honor 8 pro vs the iPhone SE - a rather unlikely bunch to compare against. But still I connected these over bluetooth to my Beats Pill + bluetooth speaker. And no prizes for guessing who wins in terms of overall fidelity here. The honor goes to the Honor 8 pro. The separation of treble and bass and all the frequencies is very even across the band and its accoustically appealing.

The iPhone on the other hand was not so clearly separate with the tones and the difference is telling. You can listen to yourself.

Honor 8 pro & Beats Pill+

Apple iPhone SE & Beats Pill+

Other stuff

Fast charging - Awesome again - not much heating of the phone, in about an hour we are ready to go with full charge. Good job here.

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