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The New Innova Crysta is coming

Toyota is about to launch their new Innova Crysta in a short while in the Indian Market. If you see the used car prices for Innova, a car that has done anything between 70000 and 100000 kms still sells anywhere between 7-10 lakhs. This shows how the company has managed to keep the quality of the car top notch for many years now.
The new Innova also will sport a better engine and an automatic variant which maybe the most needed for city driving. The video shows the host of new features that the car will offer which makes it a compelling buy this year. Further, the new design and some smart additions in the car will make it ever more popular. The only strong contender to this until now was the Renault Lodgy, which has failed to create any dent in the market and now sells only to cab drivers across the country mostly due to its ill formed design that makes it lose sheen in front of potential owners.
One only hopes that the Innova is available with good bank loans for longer tenures to ma…