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Read why the Electrohome alarm projection clock is one of the most useful gadgets for every home

From a long time I had one drawback being myopic. If I removed my spectacles while sleeping at night, I could not read my clock no matter how near it was. It was annoying to switch the light on, or use any other means to read the time. The last thing I needed was to do all this to disturb my sleep and others' sleep around me. In India there are innovative and useless solutions for these things at the same time. Like the talking clock which was like someone spooking you from the dead in the middle of the night, to Ajanta's huge big LED clock that required a 220V AC supply which it had to be tied upto in order to display a red LED schemed clock somewhere high up on the wall. I was always yearning to just lie down on the bed, and know what the time was without audio hints, or switching on the light or disturbing others.
Enter the electrohome projection clock sold on From a long time I was fascinated by projection clocks, but never really understood how difficult they wo…

Read this before you go to ‘Unleash 2016 Kids Festival’

My kid’s school had provided a pass to the UNLEASH 2016 KIDS festival by AtomConnect at the Nimhans Convention center bangalore. Today though I wanted to drive there early, I managed to reach there only by 10AM.
The registration counters were swelling with people who were not even aware of what form to fill and what activities are available for the day. Car parking had already become a hassle and I somehow got a slot after much searching which did not leave a pleasant experience for me either.

Once I was inside by paying Rs.49/- each for two parents, many activities were there some paid and some free. This include the playstation area, trampoline, carousel with horses and benches, caricature, photos with comic characters, revolving bull, automated cricket practice etc.

There was also a pottery class, but strangely it was restricted to girls alone! Very bizzaire. The queues were not much for all these activities but there was some wait nonetheless. However, due to the hot sun, I did f…

Faasos food ordering experience and review

I had the option of ordering food from Faasos sometime back. I had just left office and was halfway to my home, when I realized that I was getting hungry and impatient to have some good food. I had about thirty minutes left to cross my limits of staying hungry and needed some food before that. Sure I could have just stopped my car and eaten something before coming home, but with Bangalore traffic, the thought of never reaching home had to keep me going on the road.
I quickly took out my iPhone, where I had the Faasos app loaded, and since I was at a traffic signal where traffic had come to a dead stop, I was jobless and so started browsing the food menu on their app. They have a limited number of items, but well packaged and one can easily find the food type they need via the categories section. For some food types like rice items, they have three different sizes of boxes depending on whether you are ordering for yourself, or family. I quickly picked the item I need, entered my addre…