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Ford displays new versions of Fiesta, Focus, Edge in LA Auto show

Ford launched and displayed their latest models of the Fiesta sedan, the Focus and Edge hatchbacks in the LA auto show recently. With refreshing looks and colours, these cars are evolutions of their previous generations and it is expected that the Fiesta sedan would make its foray into India at some time. With reasonable pricing and no nonsense driving DNA ford will continue to impress drivers and make their mainstay products more affordable for general city driving use

Lincoln navigator concept at the LA Auto Show, November 2016

Lincoln automobiles unveiled its navigator concept SUV for 2016 LA autoshow. This is a supersized SUV with top opening doors, retractable steps and extremely comfortable seating. Expected to be upwards of about $65000 (33 lakhs INR, USA price) it boasts of following features
- Six seater space with 30 way adjustable seats- Wifi hotspot with Revel audio system- 3.5 litre twin turbocharged V-6 with 400 bhp engine- Pre collision braking system with pedestrian recognition- Parking assitance system

The floating stones at Dhanushkodi

All of us know the fact that in the Ramayana, Rama along with his monkey friends were able to set foot in lanka on a bridge built by the monkey kings. This journey was done from dhanushkodi from where Sri Lanka is just twenty kilometres away. Have you ever wondered how a bridge built using stones can remain afloat without being submerged in the water? This bridge is also called the Rama Setu bridge which is clearly visible on the Google Maps as seen below.

Well the answer lies in a small temple there in the form of porous floating stones which formed the basis of such a bridge construction and is there for us to see, touch and feel for ourselves. Whether you want to believe this or not is another question altogether but it doesn't harm to check it out and understand isn't it?
There are also various online forums where this topic is debated. You can find one such forum here. Quora has some questions and answers on this phenomenon of floating stones. You can check out the infor…

A tribute to Na.Muthukumar - Unakkule Mirugam

There is no one who suits a villian role in a movie as much as that of a hero than our very own Ajith (Thala). There are many movies made in Malaysia these days, and it becomes an instant magnet for me since it brings me back my old memories of staying there a decade ago. The latest entrant into that list is Kabali. Absolutely awesome choreography and choice of final fight scene locations. Bang next to the Petronas with a zoom out on the menara Telekom.Flashback to an older movie Billa which was shot in KL and other locations around which I thoroughly enjoyed due to the sheer style quotient of Ajith. Sometimes he even beats Rajini in style and attitude including dressing. Billa 2 was the sequel and when you hear and understand the song Unakkulley Mirugam, you also feel the power packed punch in terms of lyrics delivered by Na.Muthukumar in this song.I felt the need to translate this song for all you folks who do not understand tamil, and the next time I suggest you put on the headphon…

Review of the Astoria Business Hotel Stay, Madurai

This was a long pending post from my side and I finally found some time to write on this topic. I had a chance to plan a trip to Dhanushkodi and got the opportunity to stay at Astoria Hotel in Madurai for a day. This is a business hotel and I needed a stay only for a day so I chose the hotel.A few notable things about this hotel are the followingIts walkable from the railway station as long as you don’t have too much luggage
Its preferred to take an auto from the station if you have kids
It is situated somewhat nearby to the Meenakshi Temple in Madurai which is easily reachable by auto within 10 minutes

The front facade of the hotel is one vertical block which mostly present the corridor end windows and the conference room windows on the top floor. There is no access to the terrace as such for visitors.The entry lounge is good with ample light and seating. This hotel offers 24 hours checkin and checkout with prebooking via multiple travel portals or directly via calling the hotel. I paid…

Finally, the Duster AMT (Easy-R) test drive !

After a lot of lethargy a few failed visits and loads of procrastination, I finally made up my mind to get to Trident Renault at Hosur Road, near Silk Board for the test drive of the Duster AMT RXZ 110bhp version (4x2).

(The AMT Easy-R gearbox on Duster, courtesy Renault)

I did the good thing of calling the showroom, ensuring the car was available over this weekend and based on the promises went there. After checking out the RXS version of the duster for a while, I finally managed to get the Duster AMT for the test drive as promised. Without much fuss I got into the vehicle which was purring around with the engine running. As I do for all test drives irrespective of how experienced I am, I swithced the stereo off (though the sales guys keep shouting hoarse about how good the sound system is). Kept the AC to my liking not blowing too much on my face. I have this habit of diverting AC vents away from me so that I feel cool in the entire cabin not necessarily on my face.

Before I contin…

Why I may not stay in Daiwik Hotels, Rameswaram again

The travel industry is at all time peak since few decades now, and hotels are doing everything possible to ensure their customers have a pleasant experience while they stay with them.
I had a grand plan for a Rameswaram trip, covering other places along and off the route. My interest was stoked when I wanted to know and in person experience the historic Pamban bridge. Consdering I had read about Autocar’s Mercedes GLS 4x4 review driven in Dhanushkodi, and the kind of scenicness the place offered, Rameswaram and Dhanushkodi got listed as my top priority for this year’s travel.

This post is not really about what these places have to offer, but consider APJ Abdul Kalam was born in Dhanushkodi, consider that Pamban railway bridge is one of the more difficult bridges to have been built and being maintained, and the fact that Dhanushkodi is now a ghost town, after the cyclone that devastated it five decades ago – all these reasons made me to want to see these places.

Add to the fact that t…

A day out with the Honda BRV

The Honda BRV reviews are all over the place by now. Many channels like the CarDekho, AutoPortal, CarWale, AutoCar also went to Japan to check out the BRV first hand when it was launched. As a potential buyer more than a reviewer I had to wait my turn until the car reached the showrooms. And it did sooner than later. Took my kid along after having a chat whether the BRV was indeed available for a test drive. It was only the manual petrol though which I had to make do with, but atleast something was available.
Sure enough as I entered the showroom, the BRV was parked under decorative arches since it was the newest entrant into the Honda family in India. After having bitter memories about the Mobilio last time where I even said why I may not end up buying it, I did not have much of expectation on the BRV. After having seen many reviews which went on screaming the fact that it resembled the mobilio my spirits were further dampened. When you go with zero expectation nothing can potential…