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Lenovo A6000+ review

Given that I now own an iPhone 6 plus, the next search was to find something useful as a second standby phone. After spending 30s and 40s of thousands on phones, there was an era where phones suddenly started costing 20s of thousands. With the advent of Xiaomi, people like Lenovo and Samsung faced such a wrath on pricing that they even went to the extent of reduced profits, or even sometimes sacking employees to make good the loss on business somehow. The mobile phone market only got hotter with the introduction of newer - cheaper and equally powered - qualcomm snapdragon series of chipsets at a very sweet pricing of lower than 10000 bucks. So suddenly the need to spend anything more than this price for a good android phone effectively vanished. As I was busy checking out what I would get at about this price, which suited what I needed, I rummaged through lots of phones on flipkart and Amazon. Primarily my needs for a standby phone were these things in no particular order Very Good batte…

TPLink Power Line Wireless Extender review and Amazon USA buying experience from India

From a long time I had tried different things at home to improve my wifi network range between my first floor and ground floor at home. The thing is that my ground floor portion has atleast six pillars making mobile and internet signal penetration almost impossible. So I cannot take calls, or browse the net sitting in my family room in the ground floor.
As though that was not enough my super fast ACT broadband connection was provided in first floor which necessiated me to have some way of propogating the signal back to ground floor. I tried my ever faithful netgear wn3000 RP wireless range extender. but from about 25mbps all I got at ground floor due to using this was about 5mbps. Frankly its nothing to do with the extender itself as many people would mistake it, its to do with the way my house has been constructed. Most people discount this fact and start complaining on the wireless devices. Most of the wireless signal part is also about how it has to traverse through your home. So thi…