Sunday, June 21, 2015


I have been researching portable humidifiers since sometime now and brands like Air-o-Swiss, satechi, and few other unknown and relatively cheap brands are littered all over Amazon. Deciding to plunge into buying one of them, with a cost of about Rs.1500 bucks or a little under $30, I checked out Amazon and froze on the Satechi Portable humidifier.

Here is a very brief and specific review of the item I finally purchased.


  • The intent of the purchase was to see if the humidifier made any difference to my nostrils feeling stuffy in the transition between winter to summer in Bangalore
  • I wanted something cheap but of acceptable quality
  • I wanted something portable too as it was mainly meant for my office cubicle

This was brought in by my friend who travelled to India. My expectation from this unit was that it would throw a lot of fumes in and around my cube. However this unit just sprays a single jet of fumes which do not seem to make any difference after about an hour of usage. It has an auto cut off as well which automatically swithces the unit off in case you are not around after a while.

The filter itself needs to be changed often which is a bigger pain. It is good if you have a severe blocked nose and need some relief. But other than that for the amount, its hardly anything useful considering there is a lot of maintenance on it like replacing filters or changing water once in a while etc.


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