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Is the Satechi Portable Humidifier really so good? Read to find out

I have been researching portable humidifiers since sometime now and brands like Air-o-Swiss, satechi, and few other unknown and relatively cheap brands are littered all over Amazon. Deciding to plunge into buying one of them, with a cost of about Rs.1500 bucks or a little under $30, I checked out Amazon and froze on the Satechi Portable humidifier. Here is a very brief and specific review of the item I finally purchased. Purpose
The intent of the purchase was to see if the humidifier made any difference to my nostrils feeling stuffy in the transition between winter to summer in BangaloreI wanted something cheap but of acceptable qualityI wanted something portable too as it was mainly meant for my office cubicle
This was brought in by my friend who travelled to India. My expectation from this unit was that it would throw a lot of fumes in and around my cube. However this unit just sprays a single jet of fumes which do not seem to make any difference after about an hour of usage. It has an …

Renault Lodgy First Look

I had the chance to visit the Renault showroom to have a first look at the newly launched Lodgy MUV. Though its a bit late and all the news websites and magazines have been going gaga over the Lodgy, I still want to mention a few things here that might make sense to read for you if you are wanting to invest on the Lodgy.

From a long time I have been following the Innova, and even have taken lots of trips in the Innova. Though it was a failure model elsewhere like in Indonesia, India was a different ball game for Toyota. They were, are and would be still riding high on the success of Innova simply due to the fact that there were no real contenders to the vehicle till now. As such the vehicle itself was quite practical and served large family needs pretty well.Maruti tried hard with the Ertiga which just passed off as a 5 seater with more luggage space rather than a seven seater, and the Honda mobilio is something I have already written about. They came close to being an Innova, but neve…