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Showing posts from December, 2014 is now officially

Its the close of the year 2014. As we bid goodbye to 2014, the hope is that the next year 2015 will bring in better opportunities, more happiness, and the unconditional joy of supporting others achieve what they desired for.

Let me take this opportunity to let you know that my blog at, started in 2006 has come a long way in the next eight years to where you see it now. Going forward the blog moves into 2015 with a newer name - the Bangalore Blog.

All the old content is still available at this new place, as is where is. And the coming year is only going to get better with my resolve to bring to you articles with insight into trends of 2015, and my intent to share more knowledge with you. If you have any feedback, you are welcome to use the disqus commenting system on any of my blog post to tell me your valuable feedback.

Through The Bangalore Blog , I sincerely wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year 2015.

Why my mind switched from Maxpider car floor mats to 3M's NOMAD

From a long while for many of my cars I had always dreamt of buying the Maxpider KAGU 3D floor mats. They were probably one of the most sensibly designed floor mats beautifully designed with a depth factor to help keep dirty legs contained within the mat area.

Also I believed that these car mats would help keep dust off the rest of the car footwell areas. Priced at about Rs.5000 and now about upto 2000 more, this was perhaps the best fit for any car.

Recently I had been to [**3M car care, HSR Layout**]( to get my Sunny interior cleaned with 3M special foam for about 2000 bucks a session. During that time, since I knew the service guys well, I casually chanced upon a floor mat roll being sold by 3M guys. I remarked that I am impressed with Maxpider and was looking forward to install it. This is the time some more sensible talk unfolded about 3M's own car mat brand -the **NOMAD**. They showed me the mat which did not…