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iPhone 6 and 6 plus first impressions at Imagine store, Forum mall, Koramangala

I had a chance to visit the apple store for the second time today to try my luck at getting my hands on with the new iPhone 6 and 6 plus to be able to provide my opinions through this blog.

Image source : [Apple India website](

To my luck, I visited Imagine store at the Forum mall in Koramangala and found these two phones there. So without much ado, here are some thoughts about the iPhone.

Apple had launched the iPhone a month ago with great fanfare in the USA and the subsequent India launch turned out to be a damp squib with delays in the phone being available. Its november now and the phone has finally hit the showrooms. With the HSR Layout iCentre not having the iPhone 6 or 6 plus I was forced to just understand the dimensions only by seeing the phone cases which was a practical joke.

However today finally my eyes could feast on Apple's next marvel of engineering.

The iPhone 6 looks like an elongated and thinned down version of the iPhone 5s. Its just not as fat, but pretty narrow in terms of width. So if you are comparing it to the Samsung Note or the LG G2 or G3, no - its not going to match at all. The latter are more wider enabling us to see more text at a single glance.

Coming to the iPhone 6 plus, one look at it and you feel that its too big to use as a phone. And there is no surprise why the mind thinks like that. Now many people have said to me both in reviews and in person that the 6 plus feels like an iPad in dimension. I beg to differ on this opinion. The 6 Plus is huge, bit longer than Galaxy note, but about similar width.

One of the things about the new iPhone is its thickness. If its selling like crazy this is because of how thin it is. I personally felt the Xaiomi Mi3 and the iPhone are of similar thickness, the latter being slightly more thinner. But then the Oomph factor still remains. Apple has managed to still retain the Oomph factor even in 2014 with their latest offering.

Coming to colors its an individual and subjective choice. I personally favor the space gray over white or gold. Frankly due to its thickness the gold color does not quite cut it for the iPhone 6 much unlike how it looked on the iPhone 5S.

Finally some things about the pricing. Many people have commented that one could easily buy a bike and a normal Android phone for the price of Apple. Yes true. So if that is what you want, please go and buy it. And you can drive the bike when you want and speak on the Android phone at other times. Now I have seen many phones with 2GB ram, 3GB ram, and other blah blah. With Apple iPhone 6 plus the new A8 processor still manages to play every game without stutter and other graphics intensive apps manage to run with just 1GB of RAM. This only means the money you are paying is not for RAM. its for the 64 bit processor architecture and the phone's ability to handle application usage elegantly.

The pricing is prohibitive. But as apple says you are getting a computer at that price packed into the phone. We can go on endlessly debating that galaxy note is better or some other phone is thinner, or Chinese phones are cheaper. All said and done, Apple manages to hold its fort this time with attributes like better processor, thinner form factor and wider acceptibility among people once again.

So what is going to be my choice or suggestion - the iPhone 6 or 6 plus? Well personally for me its anyday the iPhone 6 plus. It was confusing at first, but after five minutes of handling both, the iPhone 6 plus blew me away. Its large, yet thin. Its elegant with sharp screen, colors and font rendering. I can see a lot more than before, and the applications are tailored to show me more and look better. Yes it is large if not necessarily thick so keeping it in the pockets (shirt or pant) is going to mean it has the susceptibility to bend if pressurized. There have been reports of iPhones bending for few people, and Samsung taking this opportunity to take a dig at Apple saying their phones only bend for the worthy enough. But any sales gimmicks aside, I am already a fan of the iPhone 6 plus for its humongous screen and the usability experience. Your choice maybe same or different from mine for valid reasons which include size, thickness, cost, and so on. Happy Choosing!


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