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Why Bristol furniture makes a statement with respect to style & function

I was scouting around for computer chairs for my mini SOHO space. We have all been through this phase of life of looking at hundreds of computer tables and chairs only to find after buying that it did not either suit the style quotient we expected or the functionality we wanted. Maintaining such furniture has routinely become a pain in the neck as well.

In these days of do it yourself furniture minus the hassle of a carpenter, things have become a bit more easier, but nevertheless the value for money with regards to materials being used is still a question in everyone's minds.

I happen to work with an MNC where they have some really tough, reliable and solidly functional office chairs which has made my back feel much better since four to five years now. I happened to google the net for [**Bristol**](, a furniture company from Malaysia which provides these for my office. I also have a nostalic connection with Malaysia since a decade now and hence …