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Read this post before buying anything from

I Recently attended a training session and when the trainer gave me his business card, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of that card. It was made of thick plastic, with surprisingly good inks used. It was shiny and so professional that it made me genuinely interested to source some for my own self with my details.

These cards were made by **[Plasma Designs UK](**, but their costs were very prohibitive for a beggar like me. For a 100 pack of cards they were charging anywhere upwards of USD 199 which was too high for my reputation and business. So my quest naturally turned to Indian online print services that would provide me something similar. I have already ordered many items from **[Zoomin](**, and **[PrintVenue](** online but they did not have my kind of need yet. So my attention fell upon a new website **[PRINTLAND](**.

This website offered me the custom…

The Mi3 phenomenon - Xiaomi's value for money android smartphone reviewed in depth

I had sometime in the afternoon today and my son wanted to go on a drive with me. Since almost a couple of weeks I've been also trying to secure some time to take a quick look at the Xiaomi Mi3, which is the current rage on Flipkart (for the right reasons) and Facebook (for the wrong reasons). Thanks to [**Subra**]( - a close friend of mine, I got an opportunity to play with the phone for a few moments which was highly essential for me to write about the experience. Writing about a phone through perception is one thing, and writing about it after handling it is an entirely different thing.

Having set the context, you can easily get the specs of this android phone anywhere on the net. The notable points about it are

- The price - about 14000
- The configuration
- Snapdragon 800 CPU with Adreno 330 GPU
- 5" full HD screen, 441 ppi pixel density
- 13 megapixel rear cam with 2.2 and dual LED flash, 2 MP junk front cam
- Wifi direct, dual…

Why other car manufacturers will have a tough time to beat the Nissan Micra CVT?

Source ([motorbeam](

Along with the test drive of the Honda Amaze automatic (which would also mean Brio AT), I also got a chance to take a test drive of the Nissan Micra CVT. After a rather long 2-3 hours at the Honda showroom, we just stopped by the Surya Nissan showroom for a test drive for Micra CVT. Since we were very tired we told the dealer guys that if it was possible they could give us a test drive at our home itself and quite courteously enough they agreed.

And as I drove to my home in my Sunny, I did find that the test drive vehicle was always keeping pace with us no matter how fast I drove. Upon reaching our home, each of us took a test drive of the CVT Micra which I will elaborate more upon just below.

For those who know about the Nissan Sunny, barring the exorbitant amount of space, the Micra's interiors are pretty much a xerox copy of the Sunny. True that it's not so great to compare the hatchb…