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Why you must read this post before buying a Honda Brio or Amaze Automatic

I had a need to evaluate an automatic car for my friend who just relocated to India. In pursuit of this I wanted to test drive the Nissan Micra CVT and the Honda Brio AT (yea the car that loves you back!).



So we headed to the nearest Honda showroom. Since the Brio was not available I had to make do with an Amaze petrol automatic which was still okay for me since the only difference between the younger hatch and its elder sub 4-meter sedan was the boot. Having put that behind, I sat in the Honda Amaze AT first. The car did not have a push to start option so I had to turn the key for ignition the good old way.

Just before trying out the Honda Amaze I took some time to check out the new Honda City in the showroom itself. I must state here that the new Honda City has definitely matured into somewhat of a C-Segment car now. Its more plush, the dashbo…

Why Chennai silks in Karur is undoubtedly one of the best shopping centers in the city

When I was staying in the Residency Karur, of which I have written an earlier review **[here](**, I was tempted to visit the Chennai silks showroom which was just few meters away.

Having been to the sprawling 4 to 5 floor chennai silks showroom in (well) Chennai :-), I expected similar standards here too in Karur. And I was not disappointed at all.

The ground floor is full of fancy dresses and jewelry, the first floor was the kids section which was so large that one could go on shopping on and on without an end. For the sweltering heat of 40 degrees, the showroom offered utmost comfort with drinking water available at every floor (chilled needless to say).

The first floor also housed a traditional section for silk sarees. The whole unit was done up with lots of wood so it gave a completely traditional ambience as compared to the other sections around. The counter staff was very courteous and even showed how the selected…