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Pronto car wash review

Though I've been a regular at the Pronto Car Wash at HSR Layout, I only got some time to blog about this facility now due to many constraints.

The Pronto Car wash is fully automatic car washing system like you find in other countries. While other countries offer many different options like waxing, foam, etc the car wash facility here is a set of simple soap wash, water wash and air dry sequences.

There is also a manual water wash and interior cleaning done by the people working these which include shampooing of seats and vacuum clean and drying before the car goes in for exterior wash.

The cleaning system itself is made of a heavy frame with moving parts and three cleaning brush sets. It also has sprinklers under the chassis at floor level which sprays water jets for the belly of your car. The dryer module is one that adjusts itself by height as it traverses the car by automatically computing its current height so as not to damage the car. The dryer unit is powerful and ensures that the car is perfectly dry (well, almost) once the whole sequence is done.

So how long does this take? 7-8 minutes to be precise for the automated wash, another 10 minutes for the manual. Interior cleaning can take more time and there is also a wait time since there maybe other vehicles before you.

Ok, I got it but this must be expensive? Owning and maintaining a car is definitely expensive business. And the pronto is no cheap either. But its not so expensive that will make you opt out. For a basic body wash its 300 bucks. Drying manually is another 50 bucks (service you see!). Interior cleaning can set you back anywhere between 300-400 rupees more. The end result is a clean vehicle leaving you satisfied.
The guys remove your car antenna since that can interfere with the pronto system and fit it back later.

So, how often must you clean your car this way? Well honestly - its upto your wallet heaviness. I keep a target of maximum of once a month while the remaining times I am happy with my Karcher. For others who can afford more, you can do once a week. I also time it based on my tiredness to clean it at home or how dirty the car has become that it needs immediate attention.

Ok don't you have that guy who comes daily and spends an hour and bucket loads of water at home cleaning your car - I feel thats cheaper? Yes it is cheaper, but there is no thrill of seeing an automatic system clean your car spotlessly in 8 minutes. Besides, I have a karcher which is almost a mini pronto by itself minus the dryer. So no human beings cleaning my vehicle please. Besides doing it myself means some physical exercise and if I clean my wife's car then I get some brownie points at home as well.

If you want to see the always talked about automatic cleaning and you have not done it until now, I suggest you head upto Gnan Srishti School of Excellence and further down the road leading to HSR BDA complex and you will find Pronto on the right side.

Enjoy the show !


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